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Technological Applications for Business
in the Face of Coronavirus

Since the onset of the Coronavirus businesses big and small have been under pressure to adapt to changing time. Some are facing pressure to maintain profits while others are facing pressure just to stay in business. But human beings as well as businesses are adaptable particularly with the use of technology to help facilitate communications and business operations.So here are our top 5 technologies that have helped companies adapt during COVID 19:

1) Video Communications Software - This includes the infamous Zoom and also Microsoft Teams which allow for face to face communications with colleagues and other project contributors. Other Software programs exist too.

2) Practice Management Software - This type of software is designed specifically for the medical industry and also for the legal industry. Now more than ever, this type of software has proven crucial to maintain accurate patient demographics/info, scheduling, maintaining efficient work flows and much more. Solicitors software is crucial in the day to day running of legal firms.

3) Online Shopping and Contactless Delivery - As a society we were already doing more of our shopping online and COVID 19 has only accelerated this change. More and more brick and mortar stores are rapidly disappearing and methods of delivery to customers are becoming more contactless especially as the Chinese are developing delivery robots as we speak. These robots will only become more complex and human-like as life in this pandemic continues.

4) Digital Payments - Digital payments are rapidly becoming the norm despite the efforts of some countries like korea and China to take better sanitary precautions with paper money. Cash Apps are filling the void like Venmo and the more popular Pay Pal. In fact when you take a trip via Uber, it's likely that the money you pay for the trip comes out of your Pay Pal account. Your account can be linked to your bank account or if you have a VISA debit card, it can be linked to that as well for almost instant processing. E-transfers from one person to another have also become wildly popular as well as online bill payments where you don't have to leave your house!

5) 3D Printing Technologies - Many products and parts can now be produced via 3D printers. COVID has made maintaining supply chains and keeping parts suppliers in business. 3D printing can be the answer and allows companies to meet or exceed production and delivery with lengthy procurement processes. Also, certain medical supplies can be made with a 3D printer. The downside of this approach is the potential conflict with intellectual proper, patens and other regulations. Perhaps these regulations will be relaxed as we move through Coronavirus.

So as you can see, business just isn't the same anymore and we have been forced to more heavily utilize existing technologies and more rapidly develop emerging technologies to facilitate continuing business efficiencies. Businesses are under tremendous pressure to survive and maintain profits. But if business constantly seeks to implement new technologies into their business and continue forward with determination, then they can be successful and thrive in what is a perilous world!

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