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Get More Views by Understanding
How the YouTube Algorithm Works

People watch what they want on YouTube. There is a focussed group of audience who make good use of SEO techniques and find out the contents which are of interest to them. For others who are not so tech-savvy, the YouTube algorithm decides what should be offered to them. Nearly 80% of people watch YouTube videos recommended by the algorithm. For viewers, it does not make a difference on what is recommended. They may even ignore it. But for Content creators and marketers, who are hoping to make a killing on this platform, they must understand how the YouTube algorithm works. When they cannot, then many prefer to buy YouTube views from legitimate agencies for instant results.

Optimize your Channels view

As a content creator or a business brand, the ultimate objective is to maximize views and increase revenues. Just having quality content may not be enough to get the desired views. One needs the help of the YouTube algorithm for pushing up the videos up the rankings and visibility. It is not easy to understand how the algorithm works and YouTube is not transparent either. The history of this platform since inception has seen a lot of changes over the last decades. As the audience profile and taste changed, YouTube also tweaked its metrics accordingly.

The year 2005 - 2010

In the earlier days of YouTube, one got the rewards for their content based on the number of clicks only. This was misleading as many viewers just clicked but did not watch the video or left midway. This did not add any value to the user's experience and the platform was not gaining in any way. 

The year 2011 - 2015

Later, YouTube changed the algorithm formula which focused on the duration of the views. This gave some very useful data on how much time a user was spending on the platform and their behavioral pattern. The measurement of time helped the advertisers to understand that the platform could hold people's attention and therefore be a valuable medium for marketing.

While many people thought that making shorter videos could retain people's attention, others thought making longer content meant higher watch time. These two factors did count but the whole idea of YouTube was that it wanted content creators to make and upload videos that were of interest to the audience at large.

The year 2016 - 2020

In the last five years, people have understood that YouTube tracks the contents, viewers' satisfaction, and rinse repeatedly popular streams that addict the audience. With plenty of social media platforms proliferating and an exponential increase of social media users, YouTube is now focusing on safety, borderline content. It has again tweaked its algorithm that will identify hateful or misleading content and reduce its watching time by nearly 70%.

Any content creator would know that YouTube rewards good content with high visibility and good revenue. But they also penalize if they find any content offensive or any illegitimate ways used for increasing views. People who buy views from Third-party sources should avoid getting penalized and only ensure to take services from professional agencies such as YoutubeStorm.

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