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Microsoft Azure Vs Google Cloud Platform

As of 2021, we see that there is a high demand for cloud computing and service providers. Nowadays, everything is being managed in the cloud, creating competition between the cloud service providers. Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are the popular cloud service providers who maintain positive user satisfaction with their various features and advantages. In this article, you will understand about Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure along with the differences between them.

Microsoft Azure Vs Google Cloud

What is Microsoft Azure? 

Microsoft Azure is referred to as a cloud platform that will help the users in providing the services such as networking, processing, database, development of tools, etc. Microsoft Azure was launched in the year 2010. All the services that Microsoft Azure provides will help in expanding the business and also scale better. 

Microsoft Azure provides different offerings like software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS). All the software employees and developers can build and deploy applications using the cloud in today's world. They can also perform the management of the services efficiently, which has led to a rise in the list of the services like science, human, financial, and many other uses. 

Among all the available cloud service providers in the market, Microsoft Azure has been considered one of the most popular cloud service providers because of the vast Microsoft business applications. It includes a wide range of analytics, networking, computing, storage, mobile, etc. These are capable of getting integrated with the business environment to attain scalability and efficiency. You can learn more about Microsoft Azure Training here.

What is the Google Cloud Platform? 

Google Cloud Platform is one of the cloud service providers that Google offers in the year 2008. Google Cloud Platform offers different services to users, including SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Serverless, etc. Google Cloud Platform has been written in different languages like Java, C++, Ruby. The Google Cloud Platform can provide different functionalities like databases, storage, networking, computing, etc.

Google Cloud Platform will maintain the architecture and utilize it in the environment that Google uses to support the end-user services. There are above 90 products under the Google Cloud as per today's count. It is considered the third-largest Cloud Service Provider. Most notable companies use the Google Cloud Platform like HSBC, Snapchat, dominos, HTC, Spotify, Best Buy, Coca-Cola, etc. Find more information on Google Cloud Online Training here.

Comparing Azure Vs GCP

Features of Microsoft Azure:

Microsoft Azure is a platform that has come later than AWS into the market. It has moved from being an on-premise software to a cloud which includes SharePoint, office 365, Windows Server, .Net, etc. 

Microsoft Azure plays a prominent role in the businesses that make use of Microsoft and Windows software. Below listed are the features of Azure: 

  1. Microsoft utilizes the common programming languages for building applications or websites in the cloud. 
  2. Microsoft Azure is also capable of integrating the Linux virtual machine and Windows Server. 
  3. Microsoft Azure provides users with the flexibility of machine learning and migration assistance. 
  4. Microsoft also provides SQL database support. 

Benefits of Azure: 

Below is the list of benefits that Azure provides. 

  1. Microsoft Azure is the Cloud Service Provider that allows the users to deploy, operate, and scale the applications quickly. 
  2. It is the platform that provides extensive support to integration and business agility. 
  3. Microsoft Azure makes use of the Azure single sign-on option to ensure secure login. 
  4. Microsoft Azure maintenance in an environment that has built-in Visual Studio development. 

Features of Google Cloud Platform:

Google Cloud Platform is a composition of different services, which include the following features. 

  1. Google Cloud Platform includes the components called Google App Engine, responsible for building applications within the cloud platform. 
  2. The Google Cloud Platform offers robust data analysis and can support different common programming languages. 
  3. The Google Cloud Platform maintains an open-source environment and maintains an emphasis on the big tools. 
  4. The Google Cloud Platform makes use of cloudKMS which is capable of providing security via encryption. 
  5. The Google Cloud Platform includes a solution of creating single-purpose functions that reduce the management requirement. 

Benefits of Google Cloud Platform:

Below listed are the benefits of the Google Cloud Platform. 

  1. The Google Cloud Platform offers deployment and will also allow you to access the functionalities and updates of the data present in the cloud. 
  2. The Google Cloud Platform will take ownership of the data and ensure that the process is scalable. 
  3. It is also capable of collaborating with different services and organizations. 
  4. Google Cloud Platform will ensure continuous improvement in nature, which will let Google make updates to the cloud without interrupting the users.

Differences Between Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform:

Below is the tabular representation of the differences between the cloud service providers - Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. 

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform

1. Microsoft Azure was launched in 2008.

1. Google Cloud Platform was launched in 2011.

2. As per the latest reports in February 2020, 14.9% of the market uses Azure.

2. As per the latest reports in February 2020, 6% of the market uses Google Cloud Platform

3. It has more number availability zones

3. The availability zone count is less when compared to AWS as well.

4. Growth rate is low

4. Growth rate is high

5. It utilized Azure Virtual Machines as a computing service.

5. It utilizes Compute engine as the computing service.

6. Microsoft Azure is expensive when compared with the Google Cloud Platform 

6. Google Cloud Platform is less expensive than Microsoft Azure.

7. Azure follows the SMB protocol in order to provide access to the files

7. Google makes use of NAS access to provide access to files and is integrated with GKE.

8. Microsoft Azure provides and uses SQL databases for relational database management systems.

8. Google Cloud Platform makes use of cloud SQL for relational database management systems.

9. To create the Virtual Network in Azure, Azure VNet is used.

9. To create a virtual network in Google Cloud Platform, a Virtual private cloud is used.

10. Microsoft Azure provides a free credit of $200 for its users on a trial basis.

10. The Google Cloud Platform provides a free credit of $300 for its users on a trial basis.


Cloud service providers are now helping the organization in achieving their goals in objectives efficiently using the different features and benefits they provide. Among the cloud service providers, the Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure have gained immense popularity in the past years. Based on the requirement, you can choose the Cloud Service Provider and perform the functions that are required in building and deploying applications. To gain in-depth knowledge on the subject, you can get trained and certified in the courses. If you would like to know more on this topic or have any queries, please feel free to comment below.

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