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Make Sure They Find Your 'Professional Self'
On the Internet

Today it is not uncommon for recruiters or headhunters to spend some of their time searching the internet for information on potential candidates. It is also not surprising that more and more professionals strive to have a good professional profile online.

Although your resume is very complete, and as we have already commented in other blog articles, it is important that you make sure that your professional online presence is correct, and just as important, that recruiters can easily and quickly find you by name.

Type in Google your name as you use it in your CVs or in your professional day to day: what appears? Ideally, if you were a recruiter, you would look at the LinkedIn profile, Twitter and general mentions of the person's name on websites, participation in events, etc. If you have a very common name, possibly your profiles will be mixed with those of other people with whom you share a name, making it often unclear to a selector if they are visiting your profile or that of someone who is called the same as you. Is this a bad thing? It depends on whether you want to go unnoticed or you are interested that anyone who searches for your name can find you and your publications. Here are some tricks:

Linkedin profile

We have already talked extensively on other occasions about how to optimize a Linkedin profile . For the topic at hand, always keep in mind to use your full name (with both last names, if possible), as this will reduce the chances that they may confuse you with another person. In the same way, don't forget to put all the possible details about your work experience, the more information, the better. Also, never forget to include your photograph in the Linkedin profile. If you use the same one that in your CV you will be more easily recognizable.

Twitter profile

Although it is not completely necessary, many people have a professional Twitter profile separate from their personal profile. Whether you have two profiles, or only one, we recommend that you make the most of the space that the social network provides to write a small public biography of the user, and do not miss the opportunity to write what you do and where, for example.

If you share the same account for both professional and personal topics, be sure to establish a correct balance between both contents and always take care of those personal facets that you show on the internet.

Create your online business card

You have a CV, Linkedin profile, Twitter, write a blog, participate as an expert in a couple of publications and have been mentioned in many others for reasons related to your professional career. How to combine all this information? Fortunately, on the internet today there are free services that are really useful for this type of purpose.

Services like (there are many others and the internet), allow you to create your own online "business card" for free, where you can not only include text as a small CV, but also associate your entire online presence, whether they are profiles professionals, social networks, links to blogs and even to the latest articles you have written or where you are mentioned.

Author bio:

Furqan is a content strategist and a SEO manager at Runway SEO Agency.

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