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Lexi Luna Has Made a Name for Herself in Virtual Reality

Lexi Luna is a stunning American model and actress who has been taking the world of virtual reality by storm in recent years. This brunette beauty has been working in the industry since 2017 and has recently started to focus on VR content to the delight of her many, many fans. In this article, we will explore who Lexi is, her work with virtual reality and why she is so popular today.

Lexi Luna

Lexi Luna: The Basics

Lexi was born on March 14, 1989, in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States, making her a Pisces aged 33 years old in 2022. She entered the video industry in 2017 aged 27 years old - this is slightly older than most new stars entering the business, but her great looks and positive attitude saw her become hugely in-demand with both viewers and video producers. Today she lives in Los Angeles, California, close to the heart of America’s adult industry. 

Everything You Need to Know About Lexi’s Legendary Looks

Ok, this is no doubt what you’re here for. Let’s take a quick look at Lexi’s vital statistics. First off, she’s quite statuesque in terms of adult actresses, standing tall at 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters). This is around the same height as the average man, so if you like the taller lady, Lexi is the girl for you (even better if she’s wearing high heels).

She weighs approximately 61 kg (134 lbs), giving her a toned, slim physique that many people find irresistible. How could you not? This smoking hot babe is as attractive as any magazine cover girl. As for ethnicity, she’s an all-American girl with beautiful brown eyes and straight brown hair. Now, people have different opinions on tattoos and we’re not here to judge, so let’s just point out that Lexi is totally tattoo-free. 

As for her measurements, these can vary over time obviously, but most sources report her as having a 34DDD chest, a 27-inch waist and 39-inch hips. It doesn’t get much more hourglass than that…

Lexi Luna In Virtual Reality

So you’ve read about Lexi and seen the photos. But how can you get up close and personal with her? Apart from somehow getting her to agree to meet with you in person (spoiler alert, this isn’t likely to happen), the next best thing is to dive into one of the many Lexi Luna VR porn videos. In these videos, you’ll see just how great she looks and get the perfect idea of not only her height, jaw-dropping figure and pretty face but also her adorable personality. But how many VR videos has she starred in? The number is going up all the time but she’s starred in well over a dozen high-quality scenes, going back over the past three years. 

Lexi Luna

What Does Lexi Luna Think About Virtual Reality? 

In a recent interview, she said that she loved VR videos, but added that this kind of footage can be quite difficult to shoot. If you’ve seen the technical specifications and precise positions required for setting up a VR film shoot, you’ll know exactly what she means. 

However, she said she finds the connection to the audience amazing and loves providing that level of intimacy to her fans. As anyone who has tried VR knows, the experience can be truly incredible, especially when you’re interacting with one of the most beautiful women on the planet. 

Where Can You Go to Find the Best Lexi Luna Virtual Reality Experiences? 

If you’ve not yet sampled the world of adult virtual reality, it’s worth exploring the many VR videos hosted by the world’s leading VR porn site SexLikeReal, also known as SLR. Here’s where you’ll find Lexi Luna’s best VR content and you can even set up notifications to let you know when her next adult masterpiece is released. What’s stopping you?

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