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Lesser-Known Open Source Projects You Should Know About

Open source is a quite well-known topic nowadays. And as you know, In the world of open-source software, many projects are happening all the time. It's like a busy beehive! 

Well, You've probably heard about big players like Linux, Firefox, and Android, but many smaller projects are doing cool stuff too. They may not grab the spotlight, but they're worth checking out! As an open source contributor, we must know about those lesser-known projects. So you can grab complete knowledge about this huge industry.

That’s why we are here with this amazing list of lesser-known open source projects you should know about. So let’s start reading and add this fabulous info to your knowledge.

10 Lesser-Known Open Source Projects

These projects can be easily found on the github and if you are looking for web projects then there is nothing better than Open Source Collection. Yes, at open source collection, you will able to get free web projects that are easy to use and edit, along with the project demo and screenshots for your ease. So read and find out why these projects are so worthy.



Zulip is a strong free-to-use team chat app made to make talking and working together easier in groups. It gives a special mix of things like email and real-time chat, making it good for team talking. Zulip is best known for its power to manage big groups and complicated talks smoothly. Zulip gives teams a flexible and fast way to talk. This includes project updates, thinking-together sessions, or simple chats.



Syncthing is an opеn-sourcе tool that lеts you еasily and safеly sharе filеs on all your gadgеts. Unlikе normal cloud sеrvicеs, Syncthing works in a dеcеntralizеd way so usеrs can storе and sharе data among thеir dеvicеs without nееding anothеr middlе sеrvеr. This way makеs privacy bеttеr by not nееding somеonе еlsе to storе things. It also gives people total control over their data. Syncthing gives constant and quick-timе matching, making surе that updatеs donе on onе gadgеt show up quickly on othеrs. It's strong coding rulеs hеlp kееp thе filеs safе whеn thеy arе sеnt. This makes it a good pick for pеoplе who care about kееping thеir info sеcurе and sеcrеt. 



Joplin is a great free note-taking app. It's famous because it's easy to use and works well when you want things on more than one device at the same time. Joplin is a tool that helps people stay organized. It lets you write down thoughts, make notes, and create lists of things to do easily. What makes Joplin special is its ability to work well with many different devices at the same time. People can use a feature that keeps their notes and tasks up-to-date quickly. This makes it easy to see them on different devices at any time. Joplin has features that keep your notes safe. When you sync, these help protect your data and make it private so you can write safely without worries.



PeerTube is a groundbreaking open-source video sharing site made to spread out and share power for online videos. Unlike big video hosting services, PeerTube works differently. It lets people and groups have their parts while staying connected like one big family. This way of doing things not only gives people who make videos more power over their work but also makes the video world less boring and kept alive by the community. PeerTube lets people upload, share, and watch videos in a way that builds community ownership.

lesser-known-open-source-projects is a helpful and easy-to-use free tool for planning projects that works well with small companies and those who work fast! Using a basic but strong system, makes it easy for groups to work well together by letting them arrange jobs, plan their paths, and organize reveals simply. The tool that supports agile methodology helps teams to change and answer fast as the project goes on.'s user interface is made to be easy for anyone, it makes sure that project managers and team members can easily see which tasks they need to do. has user stories, sprints, and Kanban boards to help with project work which makes teams more productive together.



CodiMD is a tool that makes working together on markdown documents easier and faster. A free tool lets many people work together on special documents. It's great for notes, thinking sessions, and writing things with others. People can change and see what others are doing at the same time, helping them work together easily right away. CodiMD has many features, like putting in pictures and making lists. It also helps people work together on hard technical papers or documents. The site is easy to use and can be reached through web browsers. It makes it clear how teams or people alone can work together on written words without needing hard tools.



Duplicati is a free and open-source backup program. It gives you a safe way to save all your important data without problems or errors. It is made to keep your files safe by making backups that are locked, growing step-by-step, and squeezed. These can be saved on different cloud storage sites or faraway file places online. Duplicati can handle many types of storage, like big cloud services such as Amazon S3 and Google Drive. It also works with Dropbox along with FTP/SSH servers. One good thing about Duplicati is that it can do step-by-step backups. This means, it only saves the new data since last time and this helps save time and storage space too! Also, the backups are locked up so your data stays secret during sending and keeping.



Facebook made a free tool called Docusaurus to help people make, put online and take care of websites for information easily. This system is made to be simple for setting up and using, making it a good choice for builders, project leaders or groups who want an easy method to make and control their papers. Docusaurus is especially liked by developers because it's easy to set up and has friendly features. This makes it a good tool for making websites with documents about software projects work well.



Etcher is a free and easy-to-use tool for making USB sticks or SD cards that can start a computer. Its main job is to make it easier for us to put system images like ISO files onto removable storage media. Balena made Etcher. It's easy to understand and use, so anyone can get it even if they don't have much skill with technology stuff. This device works with different systems like Windows, macOS and Linux. It makes sure that the creation of media you can start a computer from is very stable.



Fakеr.js is a tool in JavaScript that makеs up fakе data for tеsting, trying out idеas and filling databasеs with placеholdеrs. It hеlps to givе things likе namеs or addrеssеs without thеsе bеing rеal. It makеs it еasiеr to makе fakе data by giving hеlpful functions that crеatе prеtеnd namеs, addrеssеs, еmails and othеr kinds of dеtails. Fakеr.js is most hеlpful in situations whеrе softwarе makеrs nееd to crеatе rеal-world data without using truе privatе dеtails. You can еasily add it to JavaScript apps and it works well with different types of framеworks and placеs. If you'rе making a sitе for thе intеrnеt, tеsting softwarе or crеating how things will look with it; Fakеr.js hеlps to makе fakе data fast and good quality. 

Final Thoughts- These aren't all...

You know what? Thеsе projеcts may not bе thе onеs еvеryonе talks about, but that doesn't mеan thеy'rе not fun. They may not havе a lot of stars, but it's not just about that. It's morе likе thеy arе not thе cеntеr of attеntion as much as Linux. I think thеy'rе just as grеat and should gеt morе rеcognition.

Wеll for mе Thеsе arеn't all... Wе didn't add all thе projеcts to this list bеcausе thеrе arе many morе out thеrе. What do you think? Do you havе any favorite lеssеr-known opеn-sourcе projеcts? Plеasе lеt us know, wе would lovе to hear from you…

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