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8 Best Ways to Learn Web Design and Development

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Web Design and Development

Web design and development is the phrase that refers to creating and maintaining a website. As the name says, it involves two main phases, i.e., web design and web development. Web design is usually about how the website looks and feels. In contrast, web development determines the functionality of a website. Many individuals learn web design and development as it's a successful career with a lucrative salary.

Design vs. front-end development vs. backend development

To keep it simple, let’s categorize website creation in two ways. The first way is in which what user can see. And the second way is in which what user can’t see.

What users can see happens in the browser, and it involves front-end design development. In this process website's branding and usability are created. It involves choosing layout, fonts, images, or color. You need tools like Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, or Fireworks to design front-end development.

Coding is an essential aspect of web designing. Coding languages like HTML, CSS, and javascript are used to implement the design, known as front-end development. Furthermore, these languages help users interact with buttons, text, form, navigation menu, and many more. That’s the reason you need to know coding to learn web design and development.

The thing user can't see happens in the server, and it involves backend design development. Back-end development is an important part of web design and development. Usually, it stores and organizes the data that generates from front-end development. For example, if a consumer buys a product or fills a form on the front-end of a website. That information is stored in the database that lives on a server.

A website works smoothly as the front and back ends of a website are running simultaneously. Besides, backend development uses programming languages like Ruby, PHP, Net, or Python to ensure application, database and server run smoothly.

Elements of web design and development

A well known designer says, "design is a problem-solving activity. It clarifies, synthesizes, and dramatizes a product, image, or event."

Web designers and developers constantly solve the issues for their users. That's why designers continuously read and learn web design and development to update trends and technology. The website needs to be simple and appealing to attract more traffic. But if it's difficult to navigate a site, then the bounce rate increase can negatively affect business. That's the reason each website element focuses on making the site simple for easy navigation. Some of the basic website elements are:

  • Layout: According to Custom Ecommerce Website Development Services, the layout is the essential website element. Like the header, graphics, menu, footer, etc., layout depends on how designers want the user to interact with the site and the purpose. Usually, it decides the arrangement of the website's other content.
  • Visual hierarchy: visual content is an important element of a web design. According to a survey, 90% of information is transmitted to the brain through visuals. Visual hierarchy determines which aspect of a website needs to stand out using color, font, or spacing.
  • Navigation: The goal of a designer is to create a simple site. Navigation helps users operate the site smoothly with navigation tools, such as menus, search bars, or architecture.
  • Speed: Page speed optimization is an important element of a website. Besides, the slowness of a site can increase bounces rate as customer hates to wait too long.
  • Color: Colors provide personality to a site. It makes the site appealing and stands out from the crowd. The color palette represents the brand identity and conveys the message to the audience. For example, the pink portion in Baskin Robin's design indicates 31. It's the number of flavors they offer to the customers. That's the reason web designers learn web design and development to create a robust website.
  • Graphics: Graphics are the images, icons, or logos that are present on the site. They need to be appealing and interesting to drive more customers.
  • Accessibility: Firstly, accessibility ensure who can access the site or not. Making accessibility a priority ensures that users can easily access the site and use it easily.

8 best ways to learn web design and development

If you are looking to learn web design and development, there are enough available resources such as the nopio blog that can guide you about web design. Many successful web designers and developers have learn web design and development online. And now they are having a successful career. But the problem arises where to begin? Don't worry! This article will tell the top 8 best websites to help you learn web design and development online.

1. Team Treehouse

Team Treehouse is the best online resource to learn web design and development. Secondly, according to Custom Website Development Services, it should be the first choice of a person who wants to learn web designing. In the second place, The basic plan starts from $25 per month.

They offer a Techdegree program that helps beginners to launch their careers. Besides that, the program helps to build job-ready portfolios for the users. The method of treehouse includes the use of graphics and videos, quizzes, and code challenges.

2. + LinkedIn Learning is around for a while. All the courses from have combined LinkedIn insights. The site offers different courses in every field of web designing. It's a great platform to learn web design and development for beginners. Each course is broken up into series of videos for a better learning experience. You can avail the offer for $29 per month.

3. Udemy

Udemy is a great platform to learn web design and development as it offers 80,000 online courses. Besides, each course offers different videos lectures by specific instructors for a better learning experience. Moreover, you can interact with the Udemy student community for help and concerns.

You have to pay separately for each course, but you can access some lectures for free. The courses range from beginner to advance for proper learning.

4. Codeacademy

Codeacademy is a course-based online learning platform. It's a great resource to learn web design and development. It helps beginners to enhance their coding skills. Secondly, according to Custom Website Development Services, it should be the first choice for learning coding languages. Each lecture includes video and written instructions for better understanding. Moreover, they even offer Codeacademy Pro Intensives for a better learning experience.

5. MDN Web Docs (free)

MDN Web Docs is a valuable online platform to learn web design and development. An open community of developers creates it. It is updated regularly by the employees of Apple, Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft. They offer a great range of courses and lectures in web designing and development. Furthermore, their Hacks Blog is a great reference for web development.

6. The Odin Project (free)

Firstly, the Odin Project is an open-source community to learn web design and development. Furthermore, they offer a collection of courses, blogs, and lectures in every field of web designing and development.

7. WPsessions

WPsessions is an online platform that focuses on WordPress. They offer to teach you all skills needed to build a professional WordPress website. Besides, it's a great online resource that can guide you about web designing and development. You can access the site is $15 per month.

8. Code School (now Pluralsight)

Pluralsight is a great platform to learn web design and development. It's a great platform where you can enhance your coding skills. Moreover, the best part of Pluralsight is it provides you Pluralsight IQ assessment. It helps you identify the area where you need to concentrate more. They offer a free trial, and their membership starts from$35 per month.


These are 8 best ways to learn web design and development. Besides these, more websites are available online that can help you learn web design and development. You can select according to your needs and preference. I hope you like the article and found it useful.

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