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Pikashow APK Download 2023 for Android

If you are tired of taking screenshots on Instagram. And are you worried about how to download videos from Instagram? Then your wait is over because we are sharing one of the most helpful Apps with you that is the Insta Pro APK for Android. Through this app, you can download photos, stories, Reels, IGTV videos, and other videos. Furthermore, users can hide their typing status, hiding ‘read’ on messages.

Name - InstaPro APK
Version - Latest
Size - 71 MB
Required - 5.0 +
MOD Info - For Android
Developer - SamMods
Genre - Social
Publisher - InstaPro
Update - 1 Day Ago

It is also the same as another Instagram that you are using this time. Insta Pro APP has a user-friendly interface for you to download your favorite content from it. Furthermore, if you’re concerned about privacy, don’t be; you’ll have complete secrecy. Everyone’s account is safe and secure, download it free of cost and enjoy free downloading content features.

Instagram Pro APK

Download the latest version of the Insta Pro APK for android and enjoy the premium features of Instagram. If you have wished to download your favorite images and videos and reels of the other Instagrammers then you have the Insta Pro download APK and save them in the gallery of your device. It is easy to download and install on the android operating system. Through this Instagram Pro APK, you can choose the downloading resolution to download any type of video without any problems. The profile photo of everyone can be expanded and downloaded in high definition. Because everything is free, there is no need for a membership model. So, what are waiting for? Hurry up! download an exciting featured Insta APK on your devices, discussed in great detail in this post.

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The ability to display ( follows you ) Tag. You will be able to easily identify who is following you.

How do I download Instagram Pro New Version for Android?

There's a good chance you'd like to share the story behind the songs that you're listening to on Spotify or even share the content you're watching on Netflix. There's a chance that the suggestions above won't be a good fit for your needs.

You'll need to update with the latest version of Instagram to perform all of these things. Let's look at how to start.

  1. First, firstly, download Instagram Pro from the link that is above.
  2. When Instagram is downloading, you can remove the official Instagram version.
  3. Open your browser and attempt to install the application on your smartphone. There is a chance that you will encounter an unknown source error. Simply press the setting button.
  4. Install the downloader to download third-party applications for your smartphone. If you own an Android phone that is the older version, you will need to turn on unknown sources.
  5. Press the back button, and try installing the app over again to your smartphone.
  6. Once the installation has been completed after which you can launch the application.
  7. Log in using an account username and password and that's it. Now you've installed the app on your smartphone.
  8. This is how to log in to Instagram and begin downloading reels, videos, posts, IGTV videos, and stories from Instagram.


If you're looking to save Instagram posts, then you have to ensure you've installed the most recent version of GBInsta or Insta Pro for your smartphone.

  1. Start the application, and if you come across a post you would like to download, you'll be able to see a button to download the photo.
  2. Click on the icon and Instagram will ask for storage permission. I suggest you grant the permissions.
  3. Try downloading the image once more and the image will be downloaded.
  4. In case you're looking to download the entire carousel, there is a chance that you'll be able to download all images or just one picture.


  1. Click on any Instagram story you are interested in and you'll be able to see a menu with three dots. Click there.
  2. There will be the option to download the Instagram story onto your phone.
  3. If the app requests you to allow storage. Allow it as the app will request permission only one time.
  4. This is how to download Instagram stories to your phone.


Let's say that you wish to download reels you enjoyed very much, but there's no alternative to save or download the reels that you have seen. It is easy to download the reels using the below instructions.

  1. You can open the Instagram Reels you like and there's a three-dots menu at the lower right.
  2. You will then see the option to download Instagram reels to your mobile.
  3. If the app is asking you for permission to store data. You should allow it, as the app will request permission only once.
  4. This will help you download Instagram reels onto your phone.


  1. Click on any Instagram story that you like and there's a 3 dots menu at the lower.
  2. There will be the option of downloading the Instagram story to your smartphone.
  3. If the app requests you to grant storage permission. Allow it as the app will request permission only once.
  4. This is how to get Instagram IGTV videos to your smartphone.

That's how you download photos, videos, and even stories to your phone.


Instagram is the most viewed social network, following Facebook. The Instagram founder worked for Google before launching Instagram. Facebook recognized the enormous potential of Instagram and that's the reason they invested funds in Instagram in its early days. Certain small functions of Instagram like privacy, for example, make it unique in the sense that kids are awestruck by Instagram much more so than Facebook.

One of the features I do not like about Instagram is the fact that you cannot download pictures. The majority of users screenshot or use any app from a third party to download photos from Instagram. I hope that you don't also miss the downloading function on Instagram. Sometimes, we come across an incredible image that we would like to save in our gallery.

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