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How to Boost My Website's Ranking in 2023

Rank higher on Google in 2023

All websites of any kind are aiming to improve their position on SERPS. Basically, ranking high on major search engines in general and on Google in particular, is the only proven way to grow a business on the internet, regardless of its type.

Due to the importance and popularity of the subject, you are only a few clicks away from endless content about how to rank higher on Google. However, what we are going to do here is to walk you through the most important tips and methods, or the purpose of improving your position on major SERPs.

Boost My Website's Ranking

Most important tips to improve your rank on Google

The most updated list of the best practices which are capable of making your website shine in 2023 are as below:

1- Voice Search Optimization

Voice search has been experiencing a rapid growth over the last few years and is expected to continue with a steady growth in 2023. Therefore, one of the most important tasks that you must consider to do promptly, is to optimize your website to become aligned with this new technology.

2- Improve your website speed as much as possible

Website speed plays a vital role on how users judge your website in terms of their experience. You must always be watchful on your website speed and check it on a daily basis to see whether it loads to your satisfaction. There are a number of effective methods to enhance your website’s speed that must be considered, in order to constantly improve your website’s speed.

3- Quality Content

Your website quality is directly correlated with the published content’s quality and frequency. Also, quality content is the most important building block of your website performance. Your content must be relevant, innovative, informative, easy to understand for the majority of visitors, align with search intent and be published on a reasonable time frame, depending on the nature of your business.

4- Smart Strategic Keywords

The process of choosing the right keywords that work for your business is complicated and needs knowledge and market experience. You won’t be able to generate quality content without a strategic keyword that has been chosen smartly. There are many factors such as relevancy and popularity that must be considered, when choosing a strategic keyword for your business. Like mentioned before, you must be consulting with a professional SEO agency to take advantage of their market knowledge and experience while choosing your strategic keyword/keywords.

5- Link Building

Link building is another effective method to improve your website performance on major search engines like Google. There are two main types of link building when it comes to SEO.

a- External Link Building

External link building refers to inbound and outbound links to and from your website. The more outbound links you have within your contents and inbound links you receive from authoritative websites; the higher rank will be expected for your website on major search engines.

b- Internal Link Building

Internal link building refers to creating links in your contents to other contents within your website. This is a highly effective approach from SEO perspective, as it makes visitors stay longer on your website and improves user experience. More importantly, Google crawlers are able to understand the quality of your internal links and how they are helping users to find what they are looking for. Therefore, internal links, if being created professionally, would have a great impact on your ranking on Google.

6- Schema Markup

Schema markup is a good tool to help Google crawlers to understand your content more appropriately. It is basically a code that contains information about your business, products and services. It will be added to your website, so search engines can understand your business better. Schema markup would be beneficial for your website’s SEO, as it would be easier for search engines to understand your contents.

7- Be on top of design trends

Users don’t like to navigate through a website with an outdated design. Web design trends are subject to change based on users’ taste, so it is highly recommended to cope with the changes. A good task for you in 2023 is to convey some research to see whether your website design is considered outdated by users. It would be a good idea to consult with a reputable web design company to get valuable feedback in terms of your design and act promptly if it is needed to redesign your website.

8- Performance and Progress Measurement

Even if you work with the best SEO consultancy company and have the most comprehensive and professional SEO plan in hand, it must be monitored and checked to see how it is performing. There are quite a few measuring tools that you can take advantage of, in order to measure your SEO plan performance in a reasonable timeframe.

Website ranking improvement is an on-going task

As long as you own a website, you must be working hard to improve your rank on some special keywords on major search engines like Google. The process of improving your website performance and position will never end, as you must be competing in the market against all other market participants. To put a professional SEO plan together and implement it appropriately, it is recommended to work with a professional digital marketing service provider.

One of the best SEO service providers in UAE that you can work with is Websima DMCC. Websima has been providing professional SEO service to a wide range of clients from different industries over the past decade. Their proven track record of success is the main reason that you can choose them with peace of mind.

Websima offers a free consultation meeting, so you will have the chance to meet with their talented team and discuss your project further. They will get back to you with a plan that suits your business best.

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