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Surefire Ways to Get More Engagement
to Get More Instagram Followers

Get More Engagement

Do you have a low Instagram Engagement and want to improve it? Follow our guide and find out how you can "win" on Instagram, collaborate with brands, and have a good reputation. It should be noted right away that it does not matter to have many Instagram followers but a good engagement. Monitoring and measuring your Instagram Engagement allows you to optimize and grow your profile. If posts have little interaction with your followers, you need to find a viable solution that helps you improve your engagement.

It's no secret that since the new Instagram algorithm was introduced, posts with high engagement (likes, comments, shares, etc.) have been able to position themselves higher than the least considered posts. When a post receives a large number of likes or comments, the algorithm recognizes these signals as characteristics of excellent quality.

Instagram is known to have higher engagement rates than any other social network; we see some tricks. It allows you to beat the algorithm and increase Instagram engagement in 2020. Instagram has rapidly evolved with the introduction of new features such as Instagram Stories that have changed the platform and, even the definition of "engagement" has undergone a conceptual review.

Instagram Engagement: 5 tricks to increase it

Before analyzing the strategic tactics to increase Instagram engagement, it is essential to calculate the growth of the Instagram followers. It is not necessary to have a Nobel Prize for Mathematics, it is a very simple arithmetic calculation, but if you are not "well versed" with numbers, do not worry with a small example it is all much clearer.

At the beginning of July, your follow-up was 2,500, and at the beginning of August, it was 2,800, the increase was 300 followers. Well, so far, nothing difficult to understand. Now divide the number of new followers by the previous total amount and calculate it as a percentage.

# 1. Use Instagram Stories highlights to get super fans

According to QubeViews: If you want to increase the involvement of Instagram, an excellent starting point is to focus on your most active Instagram followers. It is a strategic move that allows you to turn your followers into superfans. What Should I do? Use Instagram Stories Highlights: these are highlighted content that can be created within your Instagram profile, be it private or business. They are a very useful tool to communicate in a more natural and spontaneous way with your customers, whether they are active or potential.

They have several very interesting functions to reach new Instagram followers. The hashtags allow you to participate in the story; geotags are fundamental to become part of a particular story. Moreover, surveys can help stimulate the community through questions and votes. Here's what you need to do: create different categories of highlights, invite your followers to spend more time on your business, watch your content, and learn more about your products or services.

#2. Use all Instagram features

For the year 2020, the Instagram algorithm favors accounts that use all the Instagram features. A small strategy that you surely don't know is to experiment with carousel posts or create a survey in your Instagram Stories. Due to the constant introduction of new functions, Instagram offers you the opportunity to push your audience into action by creating visual content. Just think about the fact that FedEx's Instagram profile focuses on visual content regarding the carriers used by the company to make its deliveries. Their feed is a mix of truly engaging artistic photographic content.

# 3. Switch to an Instagram company profile

Instagram company profiles help you to know better who your target audience is and what type of content they prefer. It helps you create even more engaging posts. In addition, Instagram business profiles have access to numerous additional features:

  • Add links on Instagram Stories: accounts with 10k + followers can engage their audience and generate traffic by adding "scrolling" links to stories.
  • Instagram shopping: tag specific products in your Instagram posts.
  • Schedule Instagram posts: save time by scheduling posts that are automatically published on Instagram.
  • Get more likes and comments: share your Instagram post to a target audience or post ads to get followers or sell your products.
  • Instagram Insights: is a section of the account dedicated to the statistics of your activity on Instagram. This ensures that you get useful information about your corporate followers.

# 4. Plan your posts ad hoc

If you want to get more Instagram Engagement, you will also have to engage with other Instagram accounts. The planning post on Instagram helps you save many hours of work per week, which means that you'll have more time to devote to daily content creation Instagram Stories or follow and comment on other people's posts from your account.

We have created and made public InstaGo Bot, an online software that among the many functions that can be activated from the management panel. It allows you to program your posts, create professional captions, and connect your account to Cloud systems.

# 5. Post consistent stories on Instagram

One of the best tricks to increase Instagram engagement is to focus on the views instead. Instagram Stories is rapidly becoming the most fashionable social media platform, but many companies have not yet been able to leverage this potential for their own benefit.

One of the best ways to do this is to be consistent and regularly publish, preferably every day. Instagram stories are a collection of photos or videos lasting 15 seconds each, which remain visible for only 24 hours if used as a powerful marketing tool.

The Instagram Stories feature is still evolving: new fonts, GIFs, and selfie filters have recently been introduced. A small strategy? Follow a post's logic and consistency, help yourself with an editorial plan, update it daily, and don't improvise! Remember that even the Stories on Instagram must be studied in detail!

If you also want to increase your Instagram Engagement, but despite the efforts and guidance made available, do not hesitate to request your advice. 

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