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Get GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp

It's a free to use Xposed module that brings WhatsApp to all Android smartphones running under 4.3+. This means you can now WhatsApp on any Android device regardless of manufacturer or chipset! For those with an unrooted phone, it requires a PC with working ADB and USB debugging enabled. All dependencies are included in the download. If using an older version of Android then be sure to have either the latest Xposed framework installed (download) AND/OR BusyBox (download). You also need Root access (SuperSU recommended) as GB WhatsApp is entirely root based and runs via Xposed's embedded Linux subsystem.

GB WhatsApp download

  1. Open the Play Store and download GB WhatsApp.

  2. Once installed, launch GB WhatsApp. You should be prompted to install the additional Xposed framework package called "GB WhatsApp Module". If you get a blank screen at this point then first reboot your device before trying again.

  3. When complete, open GB WhatsApp again and you'll now see two tick boxes. Make sure both are ticked and click "Install" to install GB WhatsApp.

  4. Reboot your device. You should now have GB WhatsApp installed! To verify launch the newly installed "GB WhatsApp" app in your App Drawer. If you get a message saying "Application not installed", then make sure you've done steps 1-3 correctly.

GB WhatsApp

Can I install GB WhatsApp on all my devices?

Yes, as long as they are running under Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or above and have the Xposed framework installed then they should all be compatible. As GB WhatsApp runs entirely via an Xposed framework, you must have the latest version of the Xposed framework installed in order to ensure compatibility.

Can I use GB WhatsApp without installing the additional Xposed framework?

GB WhatsApp is fully compatible with all versions of Android that have Xposed framework support. In fact, it is entirely independent from the Xposed ecosystem and it can be used on devices with completely unrooted phones as well!

Why you should install GB WhatsApp download?

With GB WhatsApp installed, you can use all WhatsApp features on your Android device. You can also choose to use the stock or GB styles of the app as well as send large text messages and send multimedia files. GB WhatsApp works flawlessly with Push Notifications too and supports tons of languages! You can even backup your chats.

If I use the standard WhatsApp app, can I still install GB WhatsApp?

The standard version of WhatsApp is actually a wrapper that supports different languages and allows the user to switch between them easily. When using GB WhatsApp, the main function of this is replaced so you lose this functionality. However, this does not affect anything else. When using the backup function for example, you can still use a different language if you want to.

How do I use GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is independent from the main WhatsApp app. This means that if you uninstall GB WhatsApp, it will not remove any messages, contacts or settings etc. from your phone. In fact, all changes to the standard WhatsApp interface are purely cosmetic and does not affect the way the core application works at all! If you don't like the new interface, you can always go back to using the standard WhatsApp version.

How do I change languages in GB WhatsApp?

You can easily switch between languages by launching GB WhatsApp first and then opening the main WhatsApp app afterwards. This will allow you to select which language you want to use for each application. The Google Play Store does not support multiple language downloads, so for GB WhatsApp to change languages you must first uninstall the main app and then reinstall it again.

You'll now see an additional setting within the "GBWhatsApp" app called "Languages". From here you can easily switch between popular languages such as English, Spanish, French and many others. It's really that easy!

How do I backup my chats in GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp includes an option to create backups of your WhatsApp chats on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can create up to 5 backups at any one time and they are saved as .xml files within the “GB WhatsApp" app's backup folder. To restore a previous backup, you can just remove the existing chat history and then import the backup file to get your chats back! You can also use these backups for transferring WhatsApp chat history between different devices that are running GB WhatsApp or standard WhatsApp versions

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