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How To Delete Location History
From Your Google Account

Modern technology made our life easier. The benefits may be different – from making money using different websites to making your sense of direction better with Google maps app. It knows where you’ve been and where you’ve gone. And for that reason, the app can suggest destinations that might be interesting for you. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But many people feel uncomfortable about their gadgets “know” too much. If you think the same and need more confidentiality, read on how to delete your location history in the google account.

How To Remove The Location History Using Smartphone

Statistics says three billion people use smartphones worldwide, and this number grows every day. It’s easy to understand when you think about how comfortable mobile phones are. Even so, they shouldn’t limit your privacy. And if you want to remove all of the location histories using a smartphone, here is a short and simple instruction for you.

  • Open the Google Maps app.
  • Tap your profile picture, click on “Your Timeline”, and then select “More” – “Settings and Privacy”.
  • In the location settings menu, you will find the option named “Delete all location history”. It’s what you are looking for.

The program will ask you if you are sure about changes, so you have to confirm the action to delete the history.

Deleting Data Through a Web Browser

If you are used to working on your laptop, you can delete data through a web browser. The first step is typing in the address bar. Find the settings icon, click it, and go straight to the option “Delete All Location History”. The system will ask if you are sure to delete all the data. If you are put a check in the necessary field and validate the operation. Done! You took back a little bit more of your privacy.

How to Manage Google Location History, So It Deletes Automatically

Are you tired of deleting your location history every now and again? If you find repeating the same thing annoying, the following might be helpful. One year ago, the search giant introduced a new autodelete feature for location. Now you can manage your system to remove data automatically. Activate this option by clicking the relevant item in the settings menu. The exact way looks like this. Google Maps> Account Circle> Your Timeline> More> Settings> Automatically Delete Location History.

Every user can choose how long configured things last. You can keep the option activated for 3 or 18 months. If you want to keep your google location history removed forever, find the option named “Keep Until I Delete Manually” and click it.

How to Delete Data for a Selected Range

It may sometimes happen that you need to hide a part of the location history. Google meets your needs and provides users with the required function.

To remove a few locations, you have to find the menu bar named “Delete Location History Range”. It locates in the settings menu you can enter the same way we described before. Select the start and end dates of the range, press “Delete”, and confirm the action. Do you need to erase one specific date? Follow the path Google Maps> Account Circle> Your Timeline, and after it, click the “Calendar” option. Look for the necessary date, choose the More button, and Delete the Day. Viola, your location history looks like you’ve never been to any places on the selected date.

Pausing Your Location History

Let’s remember why your location history can be useful. In addition to helping Google with ads, the company says this data allows it to provide better search results and recommendations. Does it still not sound convincing? If you don’t see any benefits from location history and think it makes no sense, you can easily switch it off. To make that happen, go to Google maps, choose “Account Circle”, “Your Timeline”, then click “More”, and finally – “Location History Settings”. Tap it to switch the blue colored slider off. That will make Google stop recording data about places you have visited. You can always delete the app itself if you don’t need it. Also, It’s possible to switch off the permission for Google Maps on your smartphone.

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