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Co-Browsing: Principles and Benefits

With the development of tools and technologies, communication and cooperation is allowed and updated to a completely new level. This means that lthe atest applications and services enable you to interact with another person with the use of the machine without third parties and have fewer difficulties in general.

Co-browsing is one of the contemporary methods of peer-to-peer communication that allows us to share information and knowledge, and work for the same aim together without minimum waste of time and efforts, and additional sources to be used. It can be exploited for personal purposes but is generally used in professional areas for customer support services, financial issues, sales, education, and more.

To be up-to-date with the latest technological improvement, counting co-browsing, and benefit from them, it is vital to understand how it works and what opportunities it can grant to you. So, let’s look closer and explore the topic thoroughly.

Work Principles of Co-Browsing

Co-browsing stands for collaborative browsing and means that two or more people are able to use the same browser, webpage, or application and make changes visible to each other in real-time mode. It is usually combined with text, voice, or video chat, highlighting, and other helpful tools.

With the help of co-browsing, any specialist can assist a client in navigating the certain webpage, filling out forms, and explaining some work principles, directly visualizing and navigating the process. This usually stands for specialists viewing and operating a customer’s view of the browser or webpage and exploiting it together with the customer for a certain aim.

Benefits for Customers and Businesses

Co-browsing is a unique technology that broadens the horizons of online communication and interaction. It grants users the opportunity to have common visual experience and pass through certain processes together with maximum comfort. Co-browsing is a service both clients and businesses can greatly benefit from.

  • Benefits for customers - co-browsing helps customers to move through a certain website or process with the help of direct control and guidance of a specialist. It helps to avoid client frustration, and being stuck with some process, and adds to client satisfaction and fruitful results in the end.
  • Benefits for businesses - generally co-browsing is exploited and can be useful for a vast variety of businesses and services. It can help to increase order values and decrease call time. Sales and retailers companies can easily guide the customer through the website to order and buy some products and services. Any business field can benefit from co-browsing by assisting customers in filling out forms or completing a complicated process. Customer support services will reduce the time of phone calls and decrease the total loads of traffic. Any sphere will grant its clients with a feeling of personal presence and individual approach from agent to client and VIP services, without the direct need of the personal presence of agent by the customer’s side.

Generally, co-browsing is created to simplify communication and cooperation in various professional fields. It is doomed to bring two people operating different devices on distance together to succeed in the same goal with ease.

Security of Co-browsing

Most co-browsing services are completely secure and safe. But your primary task is to exploit a trustworthy co-browser only, as with any other services.

Co-browsing doesn’t require downloading any plugins or files to start the collaboration, so there is no direct threat to your devices. More to this agent has no access to any sensitive information on your device or browser and cannot withdraw it from you in any way. The specialist will only view and help to operate the browser tab, you have allowed him to. On top of that, as a customer, you are able to end co-browsing session any time you wish.

Overall, if you follow general personal safety rules and don’t share any sensitive information yourself, there is no threat to your personal security from the co-browser use.

Co-browsing vs Screen Sharing

When it comes to co-browsing and screen sharing, the work principles may look similar but the approaches and results are completely different.

  • Screen sharing is a process of sharing agent’s screen, webpage, or tab, without any ability for customers to interact with the screen.
  • Co-browsing is a process of sharing the customer’s screen, webpage, or tab, with both customer and agent being able to make changes and operate the shared area. It can be started and used together with phone calls, live chat, or web call to simplify collaboration and get more use out of it.

This means that co-browsing prevails over screen sharing with a wider range of abilities, methods of cooperation, and better results in the end.

The Latest Solution for any Online Issue

Co-browsing is often free and completely secure service that enables you to benefit from personal collaboration without being present in an actual way.

As an assistance service, it can be used in multiple spheres for any personal and business purposes. With its primary aim to help customers to navigate and operate a certain page or application, a co-browser is a speedy solution for multiple technological and personal issues.

It prevails over other methods with a fast connection and performance, an enhanced variety of tools and opportunities, and improved results. The researches show that c-browser usage decreases the frequency of second calls and the duration of the call for support or assistance in general.

Find your most suitable secure co-browsing service and exploit it for personal satisfaction and business profit with no hurdles. Collaborate and succeed with ease!

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