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A Beginner’s Guide to Instagram

Today, Instagram is the most used application in the world. More than 10 million users are active on Instagram. The application has completely revolutionised the world of social media. On Instagram, you can share your photos as posts or stories. If you are a content creator you can share it on Instagram. Musicians post videos of their songs on Instagram and become successful in no time. The same goes for other artists such as dancers, painters, poets, chefs and countless others. Lately, Instagram has also become a platform to spread awareness and fighting against social stereotypical views such as racism and homophobia.

If you have just become a user on Instagram, you have a rollercoaster ride ahead of you. There are so many things that one can do on this platform. Most importantly, you can make some close friends through Instagram. You can be discovered by so many people if you are an artist. The only limitation of the app is that it can be very addictive.

So now that you’ve started using Instagram, you will come to know about likes, comments, shares on posts and “reels”. For the content creators who feel that their content isn’t reaching enough people or likes opt to use applications to get more likes on their posts. And you can get free Instagram statistics and analytics tools to check your account instantly.

Instagram is a social networking platform that is used by both individuals and brands. From small home businesses to start-ups to big enterprises, they all rely on the platform to market their products and services. One of the best ways to reach more audiences is by getting more likes on your posts. But trying to get likes naturally is a very time-consuming process. This is why you should buy automatic Instagram likes. Instagram automatic likes are mainly used by brands and influencers who want to reach their posts to a maximum audience. In that case, you can buy Instagram auto likes on It is one of the best places to buy automatic Instagram likes at affordable rates. At Fameoninsta, you can choose from the available packages based on the number of likes you need. They deliver the likes on every post on your account.

Some basic steps to get used to Instagram

Considered to be one of the best social media applications, there are certain ways to use Instagram the right way. Here are a few methods which may be able to help you. 

1. Following people and getting followers

Instagram is most famous for being able to upload pictures. Now, when you upload pictures, you do it so people can look at it, right? For that, you are going to need followers. One of the easiest ways to get your first few followers is to follow all your close friends or family members that use the app. You can also sync your Instagram account to your Facebook account. This way you will get a list of all your Facebook friends who use the app, making it much easier for you to follow them and for them to follow you back. That way when you post a picture, people will see your photo and like it as well. There are variety of apps for more Insta followers you can try to increase your IG following.

2. Likes and Tags on Instagram

Besides followers, the most important features of Instagram include getting likes on your post and using tags. Uploading a photo on Instagram? Get some likes! Once you upload a photo on Instagram, send the post to all your friends via a personal message asking them to check out your new picture. Using tags can help you reach more people. Tags can be used for certain subjects too. When musicians upload videos of them playing an instrument or singing, you will notice they use certain tags like #musicvideo or #musiciansofinstagram. This way, they reach more people on their post and also get more likes on posts. Of course, it can take a long time until you reach 10000 likes and this is where you have the option to buy Instagram likes to help you get more likes.

3. Engaging and following the Latest Content

These factors will help you if you want to form a business account or be a content creator. To be big on Instagram, you need to reach more people. To reach more people, you will have to contact and interact with more people as well. The more is your engagement, the more is your reach. Following the latest content is also very important. Recently, Instagram introduced its new feature of “reels” which are 12-second videos as posts. Post reels and use relevant tags to reach more people. The same way people follow you, just like you like their content. This is how you engage and get reach on your profile as well. 

4. Types of Accounts

There are two kinds of accounts you can have on Instagram. The first one is a Private account, where only a certain number of people can follow you as per your wish. Instagram is used by a lot of users daily. You may not want to post your photos for the entire world to see because of which you can have a private account. A Business account or a Professional account is for those who want to grow on Instagram as content creators or influencers

5. How much content should you post?

This differs from profile to profile. It makes no sense if you have 5 followers but you upload 10 photos in five days. The same way, if you have recently gained a lot of followers, maybe because of your content, that is when you have to maintain your activity on Instagram. Keep sharing your content to keep your new followers interested in your profile. Live sessions on Instagram have also become a very important way to share your content.

6. Buying Instagram likes and followers

This is not advised for all kinds of users but is something that everyone should know about. Today, growth has been made easier as you can choose to buy Instagram likes from websites. You can buy “X” number of followers for a certain amount of money via online transactions. The only limitation here is that a lot of websites cannot be trusted when it comes to buying followers or likes. You can find reputable sites to buy Instagram likes fast though.

7. Enjoy using the app

Instagram was made not only for sharing your photos but also for you to have a fun time while using it. Follow your friends and loved ones and always be up to date to see what they’re up to. Your favourite celebrities and sports persons are very likely to have an Instagram account so give them a follow!

As one of the leading social media platforms, Instagram has also provided opportunities to countless small businesses, artists and others to get their spotlight. 

The factors above will help you understand the basics of Instagram and you will be able to use the app with ease. So, what are you waiting for? Head to Instagram, make an account, follow your friends, share your photos and enjoy!

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