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Clock Versus Compass

By Reena Raj



You are constantly checking the clock.

You have monthly, weekly, daily and hourly schedules

You accomplish all your tasks by strict and successful time management

You organize every single second of your time.

Yet, you have absolutely no clue where your life is headed…




Living your life by the compass means to know the direction and purpose of your life. To know that your life is on the correct path. To feel that whatever you do on the daily basis has some purpose towards the aims of your life.

Living by the compass does not mean being careless about schedules and poor time keeping, it means to understand the importance of the daily tasks and deeper value of the passing time in the big picture.

Are you living your life by the clock or the compass? Are you so caught up in managing your minutes, hours, days that you are avoiding your entire life?

Your inner compass is important, perhaps more important than the clock in the office. Feel your inner compass and don’t let your life go by, just looking the office clock.

Suggestion: Look at your weekly schedule, really look at it. This is your life, are you happy with it?

Clock Versus Compass is published by O Books, ISBN: 978-1-78535-828-9 (Paperback) £14.99 $23.95

Reena Raj is a Positive Psychology practitioner (MSc MAPP), a qualified mindfulness coach, a Yoga instructor and an artist. She works with individuals and organisations to facilitate positive growth and help people reach their highest potential. Part of her work involves assisting charities in creating programs which enable genuine positive change. Reena lives is London, UK.

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