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The Scorpion and the Frog

By Kingsley Bye

No one is truly perfect and no one is truly right. Or if they are right it does not mean that the other person is wrong, just a differing of opinions. No matter how intuitive or perceptive a person, we all operate from our own frame of reference. Everyone of us, from a street sweeper, to the Pope, President or Guru have been conditioned into our beliefs through upbringing, environment and culture. Though some are more enlightened, the simple truth is that we are all Human. Otherwise we would not be here, on this earth. We are all here to experience life and the duality of this plane. Black and white, dark and light, cold and hot. These are experiences all humans have to go through. The thing that can change is our attitude and perspective in the face of what is happening to us.

From my perspective and experience the mornings are worst. I do not know if I actually run a marathon in my sleep or sometimes truly fight demons. The other night I can vividly remember a burglar trying to break into our house. A hole was drilled through the lock, I opened the front door, saw a shadow skulking away and swore at the top of my voice! This woke the whole household up at Three O'Clock AM.

Nevertheless, we all have our struggles. Some appear worse than others but I am sure everyone believes their own personal strife to be worse as this is all they really know. It is possible to empathise and understand similar experiences but no one can and has ever walked in another man's shoes. This is another factor to factor into the dynamic of living and relationships with our fellow man.

I have awakened and have been awakening the ability to observe various dynamics and in particular see aspects of others in myself. This is the mirror or reflection of Self and I suggest everyone try this. In every person you meet, you will see an aspect of yourself. This may be an aspect you already recognize and celebrate or some hidden characteristic or trait that you have not wanted to acknowledge. This applies particularly to certain habits that you find irritating. Look deep within and you will often find yourself. We all have a shadow self and the sooner you accept and assimilate, integrate this into your personality, the sooner you will become the whole person and identity you were meant to be.

For myself, I have been using others as role models, both good and bad, building talents that I feel are honourable and right and tearing down characteristics that do not serve me. Also looking for the warning red lights in others.

The struggle is not to become condescending and self-righteous but to always remain balanced, level and just. In all things to try and honour your word, utilize talents to ones best ability and beyond. Success in doing your best. Each day to eliminate one more obstacle holding you back. Small steps, small successes, adding to a great victory. This is a lifelong journey of self-discovery and, save for the occasional pitfalls, I am enjoying the ride.

Once a fear of facing and interacting with people totally debilitated me and I turned to drink and drugs, allowing myself to be punished, by others, but mainly by myself. I have since realized that this energy can be better used in constructive pursuits. Now I still get a knot in my stomach and throat but have the courage to face these fears and not rely on a false crutch. Everyone has inexplicable fears and it does take courage to face these, to fight our demons and slay the dragon. There is no miracle quick fix solution but once you decide to change and recreate your reality, then the miracle has already started.

We all create a lifetime of bad habits and conditioning. Some indeed appear to be ingrained in our psyche. There appears to be truth in the adage that people cannot change their basic nature. Well let me tell you a story about a scorpion, a strong flowing river and an intrepid frog. I am sure you may have heard the story before.

Once upon a time, a frog found itself on a small island in the middle of the Limpopo in flood, in the company of a scorpion. The water was swiftly lapping at this island soon the island would be entirely engulfed. Mr Scorpion asked the frog if he could ride on his back to the safety of the distant shore...

"Well Mr Scorpion," said the Frog, "if I let you on my back, surely you would sting me, after all this is what scorpions do!"

"Yes, but Mr Frog," replied the scorpion, "why would I do that, then I would die as I cannot swim."

The frog was a generous soul so he allowed the scorpion to climb on his back and proceeded to swim to the shore. Half way there Mr Scorpion sees movement ahead, a river snake has spotted the frog and sees a tasty meal. The scorpion jumps off the frog and lands on the river snake, stinging the snake to save the frog. The frog thanks the scorpion as he sinks into the depths with his tail still embedded in the snake...

"Thank you Mr Scorpion for saving my life," says the frog, "but now you yourself will die!"

The scorpion gasped, "You helped me, now spread the word, even a scorpion can change!"

So can you and you and you! It takes one step, one change in thought, a cold shower or a shoulder shaking. You can change the world, save the world and recreate reality. Give it a little thought.

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