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5 Signs You’re Suffering From
Chronic Dry Eye Disease

Dry Eye Disease

Over the span of forty years, from 2010 to 2050, the National Eye Institute expects to see the number of people diagnosed with common eye diseases to double.

Are you seeing the signs and symptoms of chronic dry eyes or other common eye diseases?

What is dry eye?

Chronic dry eye is classified as an inflammatory disorder of tears and the surface of the eye referred to as the ocular surface. This classification includes a group of disorders that cause dry eye symptoms and overall eye discomfort.

Chronic dry eye disease symptoms include stinging and burning eyes, a gritty feeling, dry eyes in the morning, or occasional blurred vision.

Dry eye disease is becoming increasingly common in adults. Keep reading to discover the chronic dry eye symptoms to look for and what to do if you have them.

1. Stinging, Burning, Scratchy Eyes

A lot of people experience stinging, burning, or scratchy eyes from time to time. It doesn't necessarily mean you have chronic dry eye disease but this is one of the symptoms of the disease.

2. Lack of Tears

Have you had experiences when you want to cry and no tears come out? Do you feel the emotions without tears?

You may have dry eye disease if your eyes are physically incapable of producing tears.

3. Difficulty Wearing Contact Lenses

Do you have a hard time putting contact lenses in your eyes? Or do you put them in only to have to take them out a couple of hours later because it feels like you have sandpaper in your eyes?

If you make some changes as to the type of lenses, the contact solution you use, and the number of hours you wear them, and nothing helps, it could be one of the types of dry eye.

4. Watery Eyes

This one sounds like an oxymoron, but in response to the dryness of the surface of the eye, you may overproduce the watery part of tears to try to protect the eye.

The problem is it doesn't stay on the eye the length of time necessary to correct the underlying problem.

5. Less Blinking

Are you having a harder time reading or looking at a computer screen? This can be because your eyes are blinking less. This is a sign of dry eyes and can be fixed by taking breaks and resting your eyes.

Though dry eye disease is chronic, it is treatable. Learn more about the eye treatments available along with lifestyle changes that will help.

Do You Have Chronic Dry Eye Symptoms?

If you suffer from chronic dry eye symptoms, it's important that you see a doctor to determine whether you need a specific treatment or to determine the cause of your dry eyes.

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