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Are You a Spiritualpreneur?

By Sharon Wilson

Spiritualpreneur's are people who want to build their business and expand their business in a new way. Spiritualpreneurs also want more in their life. They want health, balance, a greater sense of collaboration and connection. And the way to do that is really to use both an inner and outer approach.

They are business people who want to operate on a conscious level by bringing enduring transformation into the world. And they're reading books and watching movies that introduce them to spiritual universal principles, about attracting more of what they want, having more power within them and having the vision of a business that fits them.

Many Spiritualpreneur's want to apply these principles in their business but don't know how to do that. They feel the old ways of doing things don't support them, and end up feeling frustrated and want a new way. The old ways of doing business and marketing by selling with hype and bullying people into taking action doesn't feel good to Spiritualpreneurs. They often think that something is wrong with them since they feel that resistance.

I say NOTHING is wrong with you! You are a Spiritualpreneur and you need a different approach and you need to be with people who understand that. At the same time you need an inner and an outer structure. Here at Coaching From Spirit Institute, we teach you an inner and outer energy management system to support you in your life and business.

The way to know if this is right for you is to experience what we call an activation session. We don't try to convince you or push you into doing anything. We have a process that we use in the activation for you to connect in with your own inner guidance. You'll be able to feel and tell and know if this system feels like a match to you. You'll feel it in your body. You'll know it in your heart. You'll have a sense of it.

Our activation process is very unique. We offer you both the inner and outer perspectives. We help you align with the idea of making a connection to your inner guidance and from an outer standpoint; we help you understand the results you can expect when you implement this system.

We share with you our revenue formula so you can have multiple streams of income regardless of what business you have. And we discuss and model for you our selling process, which is about serving. And people can feel when your selling process is more of an activation than an agenda where you feel like you have to get them to do something.

One of the ways you can begin to offer an activation process with potential clients and customers is to absolutely shift your perspective so that you are not trying to sell them

  • Tip #1
    It's about activating in people their possibilities and then helping them to see that you're a match to assist them in accomplishing their vision. It's about YOU making a shift at an inner level. In our system, we teach you how to make a shift so it's not about selling, it's about activating and serving.
  • Tip #2
    You have to have a process to understand the energetic elements of what happens when people are drawn to you. And they've come to you for very important reasons! You need to have a solid process that helps them explore some of the things that are not working in their experience in a way that doesn't put them on the defensive but really activates the possibilities in them. You also learn this very important process in our system. And this is a critical element to have in your enlightened selling process.
  • Tip #3
    To activate people, you need to be able to hold the intention that you're partnering with your inner guidance. And you can do this in every area of your life. I do this all the time when I am talking to someone. I like to do it verbally. I'll do it in meetings or in any experience I am having, like with my dentist. I'll state an intention. I may say something like, "My intention is that we connect at a very deep level."

    If I were talking to a Spiritualpreneur during an activation session, I would say to them, "My intention is that I'm detached to any specific outcome, but I really want to be here to serve you and to assist you and to help you explore what you want. And if this is a right fit for you then I want to be here to support you and to assist you in activating all that you want to activate." And that's the role of the activation coach, to assist you in activating all that you want. I would incorporate that kind of language in a way that feels really good for me and for the person I am talking to.

  • Tip #4
    You have got to look at the stories that you're telling yourself about the selling process. You have to look at the things you say to yourself like "Can people afford what I'm doing?" That is not your choice. If you see someone as not being able to afford something then you're not going to be able to help him or her or activate anything because you're joining him or her at a place of limitation.

What you've got to do is see the person as they want to be, really see it and feel it for them. I think of it as embracing them, sending a sense of light and surrounding them with this connection to the inner guidance that can assist them in all of the things that they want to do.

Oftentimes I'll hear people say, "I feel bad when it comes time to talk to people about the money. My product or service is expensive or what I'm charging is a lot of money." You've got to get clear about the stories you're telling yourself.

  • Take a look at the results that you're getting in your sales.
  • Identify what you don't want to experience.
  • Examine your patterns of beliefs and thoughts that you have activated.

When you show up with the vibrational patterning that what you are offering is a high price and it is difficult for people to make a decision to purchase it, then you are more likely to elicit a response from people that they can't afford your product or services. You can change these dominant vibrations. When you do, you have totally recession-proofed your business!

So are YOU a Spiritualpreneur?
There is a movement happening. Everywhere, there are business people operating with conscious awareness to bring solid and enduring transformation to the world. They are reading books that teach universal principles and drawing the world's attention to this movement now!

Some work independently and all feel compelled to listen to the voice within. Their mission is to contribute to the world. Their purpose is to work together to empower and transform both themselves and all those they are called to serve. I call them Spiritualprenuers — Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

Are you feeling like there is a better way to do business?
Does opening to greater levels of success excite you?
Do you feel a sense of connection that guides you?

If so, you are part of a growing movement of Spiritualpreneurs who want to leverage universal principles and experience peace regardless of difficult situations. Here are 7 signs that you are a Spiritualpreneur:

  1. You have a business or want to create a business from an intention of serving;
  2. You want to apply universal principles in your business and life;
  3. You actively manage your thoughts, feelings and actions to attract what you want;
  4. The strategies used in sales and marketing don't feel right to you;
  5. You want more from life - to work less, find deep satisfaction, make more money and have fun while accomplishing your goals;
  6. You want to follow your inner voice in all things, including business; and
  7. You want to feel you're part of something bigger than yourself.
And the sure fire sign is... this EXCITES you!

Are you being called? If so, get ready to accelerate your path to Spiritualpreneur success with Coaching From Spirit Institute's 7-day interactive Success Through Your Spirit: The Golden 6-Figure Formula coaching e-series! The concepts you will learn in this e-program are the same concepte you would learn in coaching programs priced at $8,000 and more!

But this series is yours at the low price of $79.00 because Sharon believes that every time she helps someone discover the powerful secret to emotional management and the manifestation of intentions, she is giving back to the world AND gaining a new partner in success. Just for purchasing this e-program, you will also receive an additional gift ($39 value) to support you in creating the business of your dreams this year!

Sharon Wilson, Founder of Coaching From Spirit Institute, is a Master Coach, Certified Spiritual Counselor and co-author of four books, the latest with Jack Canfield and his Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Sharon guides struggling business owners to success as Spiritualpreneurs through the principle that successful entrepreneurs rely on one business coach: themselves.
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