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Are You Ready to Recession-Proof Your Business?

By Sharon Wilson

One of the most important keys for succeeding in business is to be able to connect with your inner guidance. And, you are able to connect to this guidance through what we call energy management.

There are two levels of energy management that can provide you with guidance. One is to be able to easily connect with your inner guidance, that Source Energy - call it God, Spirit, or whatever term feels comfortable for you. I am talking about being able to consciously tap into this connection. When you do that you have unlimited potential. Most people who are creating or running a business never think about tapping into that higher energy source. They don't make the connection that this energy source could help them be more successful. This hasn't been taught at business schools yet.

This energy source operates at a very high level of frequency. To be able to consciously tap into this potential you have to be operating at a similar frequency. So, when thoughts like love and peace and how to serve others are measured they are at a very high frequency and thoughts of anger, frustration and overwhelm are lower level thoughts measured at lower frequencies. When you're in higher vibrational frequencies, you have a direct opening to that inner connection of Source Energy. I call it your Inner Coach or your Inner Team, which is much more welcoming.

The second part of energy management is one of the most exciting things I share with people who are in business or who want to get into a business. You actually have the ability to manage your emotional energy, simply by managing your thoughts and feelings.

As an example, let's talk about what makes the Coaching From Spirit Institute really unique. We model the process of connecting in with your inner guidance in what we call an activation.

An activation call is where you get on the phone with a specially trained coach who takes you through a coaching oriented process to help you identify, really feel and surface up what's been holding you back energetically. And then they help you activate more of what wants to be activated in you at an energy level. It's an energy experience. That's why we call it an activation. It's not just our sales contact or what many call a strategy session.

This is really an energetic experience that you benefit from simply by experiencing the activation. The coach's role is to really see and feel you, as you want to be. They don't buy into any of the limitations you may have activated. This creates an opening for you to activate that energy in your energy field in a much more powerful way so you can actually begin to experience more of this belief for yourself. During these calls, they also help you understand what we teach by giving you a powerful formula for managing your energy.

The first element of the formula for energy management is to learn how to make a connection to your inner guidance in a tangible way. This helps you to move past your ego and connect in with that higher presence. You can then literally partner with this presence in your business so that you are truly serving others. This allows you to feel like you are not doing your business all by yourself. And then you are constantly and easily connecting to the exact perfect people and circumstances to help you. And situations that can serve you can more easily show up as you are connecting into this higher frequency more often.

The second element is for you to have a tangible structured system to support you in effectively managing your energies of thoughts and feelings. This helps you be in those higher frequency ranges more often so you can attract more of what you want. This gives you a way to change your neural pathways, to shift your thoughts and beliefs so you can begin to think differently.

You have the responsibility to manage what I call your 'vibrational output'. And your vibrational output is the dominant patterns of what you're thinking and feeling. You have an opportunity to manage that and be more effective in managing the voice inside your head so that you're more aligned with what you do want instead of what you don't want.

The activation process is about modeling that experience, so that you feel that connection to your inner guidance during the activation session. This will also help you feel and understand the energy management system we teach.

In the activation call, we model for you powerful energy management processes that guide you to connect to your inner guidance in a results-oriented way. This will allow you to have a tangible experience of the energy management system. And this will show you how to change your neural pathways in ways that you can really track and measure.

Are you a Spiritualpreneur?
There is a movement happening. Everywhere, there are business people operating with conscious awareness to bring solid and enduring transformation to the world. They are reading books that teach universal principles and drawing the world's attention to this movement now!

Some work independently and all feel compelled to listen to the voice within. Their mission is to contribute to the world. Their purpose is to work together to empower and transform both themselves and all those they are called to serve. I call them Spiritualprenuers — Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

Are you feeling like there is a better way to do business?
Does opening to greater levels of success excite you?
Do you feel a sense of connection that guides you?

If so, you are part of a growing movement of Spiritualpreneurs who want to leverage universal principles and experience peace regardless of difficult situations. Here are 7 signs that you are a Spiritualpreneur:

  1. You have a business or want to create a business from an intention of serving;
  2. You want to apply universal principles in your business and life;
  3. You actively manage your thoughts, feelings and actions to attract what you want;
  4. The strategies used in sales and marketing don't feel right to you;
  5. You want more from life - to work less, find deep satisfaction, make more money and have fun while accomplishing your goals;
  6. You want to follow your inner voice in all things, including business; and
  7. You want to feel you're part of something bigger than yourself.
And the sure fire sign is... this EXCITES you!

Are you being called? If so, get ready to accelerate your path to Spiritualpreneur success with Coaching From Spirit Institute's 7-day interactive Success Through Your Spirit: The Golden 6-Figure Formula coaching e-series! The concepts you will learn in this e-program are the same concepte you would learn in coaching programs priced at $8,000 and more!

But this series is yours at the low price of $79.00 because Sharon believes that every time she helps someone discover the powerful secret to emotional management and the manifestation of intentions, she is giving back to the world AND gaining a new partner in success. Just for purchasing this e-program, you will also receive an additional gift ($39 value) to support you in creating the business of your dreams this year!

Sharon Wilson, Founder of Coaching From Spirit Institute, is a Master Coach, Certified Spiritual Counselor and co-author of four books, the latest with Jack Canfield and his Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Sharon guides struggling business owners to success as Spiritualpreneurs through the principle that successful entrepreneurs rely on one business coach: themselves.
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