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Logosynthesis – Change through the Magic of Words

By Willem Lammers, MSc.

Logosynthesis is a new, remarkably elegant and efficient system for guided change – psychotherapy, coaching, and counseling. It can also be used as a self-help tool. This new system contains elements from many models in the field: energy psychology, transactional analysis, NLP, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoanalysis, self-psychology and hypnotherapy, in an extremely effective combination. The author, myself, first introduced the model in 2005, and since then it has been continuously expanded.

As one of very few models, Logosynthesis also creates a unique space for the spiritual dimension of guided change: it helps us understand personal growth and development as a quality of our deepest human nature. As a method, Logosynthesis applies the age-old power of the word as a new, amazing healing tool, a starting point for surprisingly gentle healing of trauma, addiction, fear and stress symptoms.

Logosynthesis is based on four axioms, which may sound familiar, but which are new in their combination:

  1. Suffering is primarily the result of reduced awareness of our Essence, our core self, and of our creative tasks.
  2. Dissociated parts and introjects prevent our being fully aware of and living through our core self.
  3. Dissociated parts and introjects are rigid energy structures existing in 3-dimensional space, rather than abstract cognitive parts of mind.
  4. The power of the word itself dissolves these frozen structures and allows the energy they were holding captive to be reclaimed into the Living Self.
In contrast to other schools of energy psychology, Logosynthesis doesn't use visualization, light, touch, tapping or other kinds of mechanical stimulation of the human energy system. Its method is completely based upon the power of the word as a driving principle to focus intention and manifest change. Simply saying specific words and sentences initiates a very effective goal-directed process, which generates results comparable to those other energy psychology methods. The dynamics of the Logosynthesis process are known from descriptions of the creation process in spiritual traditions, and they're also associated with magic and mystery schools. The age-old incantation "Abracadabra" supports this principle. Did you know it's Aramaic and means "I create while speaking?"

Logosynthesis teaches clear interventions in the form of specific sentences offered to the client, embedded in a beautifully broad and deep view of human nature. In the words of a client: "It's a deeply moving experience to feel the power of the word working in my own being, to experience change so immediately. Time expands and slows down, my flow of thoughts comes to a standstill. An inner space opens up, a space for My Self."

Case example:
Sarah, playing music Sarah is a 30-year old business manager. She used to get anxious if she had to play the piano in front of people. In one session, she resolved this issue with the help of Logosynthesis, within a few minutes. The literal transcript of this sequence follows here. The transcript starts after I asked her to imagine the situation in which she experienced the fear:

  • Sarah: "I watch myself playing the piano, going all tense."
  • The coach gives her a sentence: "I retrieve all my energy that bound up in this fear of playing the piano."
  • Sarah, after repeating the sentence, and being silent for a while: "I become a bit calmer." The coach gives her a second sentence: "I retrieve all my energy from the person watching me play the piano, and take it back to myself."
  • Sarah, after repeating the sentence, and being silent for a while: "I become sad and cannot play anymore."
  • The coach gives her a third sentence: "I remove all energy of the person watching me play the piano – out of my personal space and send it into the Light."
  • Then, after a long silence, Sarah says: "I'm playing music, not notes!"

Recently, the book "Logosynthesis - Change through the Magic of Words" was published. On 224 highly readable pages, this book explains the model as well as the application of Logosynthesis in your own practice for guided change, with examples for different types of issues. Annotated transcripts of actual sessions will help you to understand the system in detail. You can order it through the international website

Do you want to learn and experience Logosynthesis directly from its developer, for your clients and for yourself as an expert in guided change? This year's Logosynthesis Summer Institute in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland, offers the opportunity to get a first impression of Logosynthesis in the Level I course, to deepen your knowledge in the Level II, to gather experience as a client in Logosynthesis live, and apply what you learned in Supervision and Application days.

You will find more information on this unique learning occasion in this PDF: Download here. The fabulous views and the pleasant atmosphere of the Swiss Alps will support your learning process! The Institute in Bad Ragaz is situated at the intercity railway station, with hourly trains to Zurich airport. The offers Institute also Practitioner Level seminars in Halifax, NS, Canada. More information on If you have a good professional network and want to plan a training near you, please contact the author by email.

It's a deeply moving experience to feel the power of the word working in my own being, to experience change so immediately. Tie expands and slows down, my flow of thoughts comes to a standstill. An inner space opens up, a space for my Self." —Ira Mollay
Willem Lammers, MSc, TSTA, is the founding director of ias, a leading training institute for coaches and counselors, in Switzerland. As a licensed psychologist and a consultant to people and organizations, he has been working on the boundaries of body, mind and spirit for more than 30 years. Willem also runs a private practice for psychotherapy, supervision and coaching. He is the author of numerous articles and several books on these subjects. Willem likes to travel and offers regular lectures and workshops in many different countries.

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