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How to Tell if You’re a True Empath

For an empath who doesn’t yet know that they are an empath, life can be a lot like a game of online bingo. People, much like the outcome of the game, are unpredictable, and in some cases, you might invest yourself into them without much joy.

Others, on the other hand, might just turn out to be the jackpot of your dreams! It’s all very uncertain, but if you know how empaths operate and what you need to do to center yourself, your chances of staying sane and happy are exponentially increased.

Empaths are people who rely heavily on their emotions, and feel and absorb the emotions and physical symptoms of others because of this. These people use their intuition to filter the world, and can have a hard time explaining or intellectualizing their feelings about things.

Highly sensitive people can easily be overwhelmed by stressful or negative emotions, and might suffer from chronic fatigue, depression, panic attacks, food and drug binging, and other physical symptoms with no apparent causes. However, once they learn to centre themselves, they can learn how to safeguard themselves from negative emotions and lead happier, healthier lives. Does this sound like you? Find out for sure if you’re an empath below.

#1: You’re Highly Sensitive

People who fall under the empath category are by their very nature spiritually open, understanding, giving, and excellent listeners.

These folks have big hearts and are always ready to nurture and help where it is needed. Unfortunately, empaths can also have their feelings hurt often and deeply, and are frequently told that they’re ‘too sensitive’ or what they are feeling is simply a myth or fabricated in an effort to gain attention.

#2: You ‘Absorb’ the Emotions of Others

Empaths are very closely attuned to the moods and emotions of others, both good and bad. They feel absolutely everything around them, sometimes to an extreme degree. They find it hard to ignore negative emotions like anxiety and anger, which can exhaust them both physically and spiritually.

Physical complaints and illnesses can also arise from this. On the other hand, if they are surrounded by peace, love and support, they absorb these emotions and thrive as a result. If you are a true empath, you will suffer inexplicably in negative situations, and feel worlds better in positive ones.

#3: You Are an Introvert

This isn’t a steadfast rule, but many empaths tend to be very introverted as well. These people become overwhelmed when surrounded by too many people as it can amplify their emotions, so they tend to stick to one on one interactions or smaller gatherings.

Even if you are more extroverted, you may still like to limit how much time you spend around crowds or parties if you are an empath at heart.

#4: You’re Very Intuitive

Do you have strong intuition when it comes to what others are going through? Empaths experience their lives by using their amazing intuition, and it is crucial for them to listen to their ‘gut feelings’ about situations they find themselves in.

This helps them to foster positive, symbiotic relationships with others and avoid abusive people and energy vampires.

#5: You Need Lots of Time Alone

To put it simply, while empaths love to be around and help others, they also find it very draining. If you need time to recharge after interacting with people, you might well belong in this category. Even brief periods of escape, like a brief car ride or walk in nature, help these folks to nip emotional overload in the bud.

#6: Intimate Relationships Overwhelm You

An excess of togetherness can be hard for an empath to stomach, so they may avoid romantic relationships entirely. At their cores, they are terrified of losing their identities when they spend too much time with others. In order for these people to be comfortable in relationships, the traditional definition of being a couple must often be relooked and reworked into a more harmonious model.

#7: You Seem to Attract Energy Vampires

Empaths’ innate sensitivity makes them prime targets for so-called energy vampires, whose negative emotions can drain their mental and physical energy with ease.

These people might also do more than just drain energy; in fact, people like sociopaths and narcissists can make empaths believe that they are unworthy of love and respect. If you attract a lot of chronic talkers, self-appointed victims and drama queens, pay special attention to maintaining your boundaries!

#8: You Recharge in Nature

The hustle and bustle of everyday life in society can be more than an empath can stomach. The natural world, on the other hand, recharges them like nothing else can.

If you’re starting to believe that you are an empath, try rejuvenating your energy by taking refuge in a forest, on a beach, or near a river of your choice.

#9: Your Senses Are Sharp and Easily Overwhelmed

Empaths’ nerves can get quickly overwhelmed, not just by people, but by unpleasant noises, excessive talking and yelling, or even strong smells.

#10: You Have a Big Heart, But Often Give Too Much

Empaths are the very definition of ‘big-hearted’, and will do anything they can to relieve the suffering and bad luck of others.

It’s natural for them to want to reach out and help the homeless, hurt children, broken-hearted friends, and even distraught strangers, but they also end up taking on all of that themselves. Quickly, they find themselves feeling drained, sad and broken when they were feeling just fine minutes ago.

If this sounds like you, pay special attention to finding strategies to protect yourself, like strict time management, setting boundaries with draining people, meditation, and frequent trips into nature. Empathy is a unique gift, but remember to fulfil your unique needs to take care of yourself as you do the same for others!

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