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7 Steps to Becoming a More Mature Person and Growing Your Personality

By Nicole Boyer

Today’s world forces individuals to mature faster than previous generations. You have to study, you have to work, you have to save money and you need a plan for your future, because our modern society is more competitive than ever. Globalization has connected the world and we don’t only compete with people from our own community, but also with people from all over the world.

So, what can you do to become a more mature and remain competitive in the modern world?

  1. Take time more seriously and focus on self-improvement. Think about the future. I know that life is not only about money, but it is very important to be economically stable these days. No matter how you decide to improve yourself, just choose to do something that is going to be useful for your future. Ask yourself: Is sleeping, checking Facebook and watching TV-shows all day doing something good for me in the long run? Evaluate your options, think about all your skills and all the possibilities that you have. There are lots of fun and exciting careers out there and if you take your time and think about it, you will find one that suits your skills. It does not even have to be only one thing. You have a lot of likes and skills. Develop your various talents. As long as you love what you do and you don’t hurt people, it doesn’t matter what you are doing, just put your heart and soul into doing it.
  2. You have to plan. The key to success is to have a plan A, B, C and even D! Organize your ideas, and be willing to make sacrifices at the beginning of your mature life. Maybe you’ll have to cut on high expenditures, parties or vacations. But it will be worth it, and you’ll see the rewards in the future. Remember that as long as you love what you do, you won’t feel like you’re doing any sacrifices. If playing games on the Internet is what you love, and you are making money with it because you’re the best gamer in the world, excellent! But if you’re not able to turn your gaming hobby into a career or otherwise beneficial, maybe you need to make a plan and limit how much time you will spend on it. Make a plan and incorporate your likes and skills. Use your skills and opportunities to improve. Don’t stay behind.
  3. Open up your mind to new knowledge. It is going to be crucial if you really want to take time more seriously, focus on self-improvement and plan your future. New knowledge will turn you into a new person every day. Read a good book, watch a good movie. Go to the library or open your web browser. There are tons of things you can learn, and they will increase your potential to do something for your future and to be a better person. Religions are a very good choice, but also knowing new cultures, looking for places to visit eventually, learning a new language, and especially sharing your knowledge. Teaching is an enriching experience through which you’ll learn even more each day. Plus, it is getting popular to be an online Teacher (particularly an Online English/ESL Teacher) working from home. If you’re interested in this, there are hundreds of ESL teaching jobs posted online.
  4. Accept advice. I know that we don’t like to listen to the people saying “I told you so…” or feeling like babies when our start start with “the speech”. But sometimes it is necessary. We have to keep our friends and families close, and we have to listen to them, because they love us and they care for us, and because sometimes they have experienced things that can help us to not make terrible mistakes. People say that “nobody learns by another’s experiences” but this is not true. In reality, it is better to learn from the mistakes of others. It will always be useful to listen to your friends and family, and keep their advice in mind.
  5. Confront responsibilities. Accept that everything that you have is with you because you worked for it. If you don’t have something yet, it is because you haven’t worked hard enough to get it. Don’t blame other people for your failures. After all, failures are not bad at all, they always teach us what to improve, where to do better next time or who to trust.
  6. Learn to manage your time. You have a limited amount of time and you need to divide it properly> between working and doing your responsibilities and taking vacations, partying and going out. Don’t be dramatic. At the beginning, you can mix the situations. Why don’t you take your partner to a business dinner? Why don’t you plan a trip and go climbing with your workmates? The idea is to respect your work time but also to take some time to chill and relax. Also, it can be very useful to visit new places and inspire yourself, you can think about new businesses, learn about new business strategies, get to know new people who can help you with any good idea that you have in mind, or just relax from work routines and come back to the city ready to continue working!

    Use this guide: Secret to Amazing Time and Calendar Management.

  7. Trust in yourself. At the end, everything is worthless if you don’t trust yourself. You need to be aware of your capacities, abilities and skills. Everybody has something to give to the world, and you are not the exception. You just need to work hard and you’ll be walking the path to success. Think about your current habits and start practicing these simple steps to be more mature and grow your personality.
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