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9 Resolutions to Accelerate
Your Personal and Professional Growth

By Nathan William

For most people, New Year resolutions lose its significance once they get back into the grind of their everyday life. If it’s about your personal and professional growth, then you must hold on to them. The problem with most of these resolutions is that they are too generic and impossible to measure.

Now, if you want to witness some serious improvement both in your personal and professional life, then you might want to take a look at this list of resolutions. This list will serve you well in your attempt to maintain your personal and professional growth in 2019.

Resolution #1. Make the most of every opportunity

Opportunities appear every day. However, we tend to let go of them due to feelings of fear, apprehension or inhibition. This new year, try and keep these excuses aside and grab every chance that’s worth your time. Keep an open mind about the opportunities you’ll come across in life. Take it upon yourself to fulfill at least 2 to 3 dreams of yours, irrespective of how big or small they are.

Resolution #2. Stop pondering over the past

You must have come across the phrase, “What’s done cannot be undone” from the great Shakespearean classic Macbeth. This is exactly the approach you should be taking while moving forward this New Year. Focus on what’s next, and what lies ahead of you. That’s it.

Joshua Anderson, a senior academic expert from quips “We live in a world that constantly focuses on results, achievement and output. So, at the end of the day, all that matters is how we move on to the next task or project that needs our attention.” Set your priorities and your focus on what matters. This will ultimately contribute to your success. Don’t worry about the setbacks or hardships you saw in the past year.

Resolution #3. Master the art of being punctual

The first and most important aspect of personal and professional development is maintaining punctuality. Efficient and trustworthy professionals are never late for anything. There is no other indication that someone is disorganized and unprofessional than turning up late consistently.

So, make sure you learn effective time management skills so that you are never late for any opportunity. Learn to use your time wisely, so that the dilemma over “How can I do my assignment on time?” no longer pops up in your head. Who knows, being late might lead to another missed opportunity, and that will further lead to regrets. So, if you don’t want to stay stuck in this endless loop, then take this resolution seriously.

Resolution #4. Focus on building your network

In the age of "Netflix and chill," it's easy to stay stuck in a rut with idle chitchat at work or harmless gossip. But this year, you should be serious about building your network. Meeting other people from your industry is what keeps you updated about what’s happening around you.

So, make sure you attend the industry events and have your friends or acquaintances in the industry introduce you to their friends. Mark Rickman, IT expert from suggests “Make conscious efforts to maintain connections within your industry (even beyond) and who knows, it might give your career a new direction.”

Resolution #5. Hone a new skill

No matter which field you belong to, there are literally hundreds of new skills you can acquire that will only propel your career in the right direction. Is there a new skill that you have been meaning to acquire? This should definitely find a place in your list of resolutions for the year and make sure you achieve it before the year goes by.

Trust us, the more feathers you add to your cap, the more opportunities appear in front of you. Also, if this new skill can help you to amp up your efficiency in your current job, then your company might even be willing to promote you.

Resolution #6. Seek feedback from the superiors

Seeking feedback is a crucial factor if you want to boost your personal and professional growth. When you’ve finished a project or an essential assignment, you can approach your superior to take out some time for feedback. Now, you shouldn't ask for feedback too often, but ask for it after the completion of an important assignment or project. This way, if an issue crops up, it can be addressed before a performance review.

Knowing your shortcomings and improving them instead of waiting for your colleagues to point those out in the review meeting will earn you the respect you deserve.

Resolution #7. Do at least three things to stay healthy at work

Health should always be at the top of your priority list, even when you are focusing on your professional growth. Speaking of New Year resolutions, losing weight deserves a try.

Now, you spend the better part of your day at work, so you need to pay attention to your health while you’re there. In this case, you can think of three simple practices that you can do to stay healthy at work. Pack a wholesome lunch. Always take the stairs. Make sure to stretch your limbs every hour. These small steps will cumulate into a huge outcome and you’ll notice that those little things add up.

Resolution #8. Spend time volunteering

Enrolling in a volunteering service is an excellent way to create positive change in the world, and it’s also another way you can contribute towards your personal and professional growth. Take a cause that you feel strongly about and sign up to contribute. You can pick up trash in a park, raise money for a new public library, teach underprivileged children, there is no dearth of causes to fight for. If you are really serious about it, you can get your co-workers to volunteer with you as well.

Resolution #9. Send out more thank-you notes

Sending out a handwritten thank you is an excellent way that indicates your professionalism and appreciation. Think of someone who has been particularly helpful to you. It could be an introduction to a valuable networking connection, a free lunch, or a simple yet meaningful gesture at the office. It doesn’t even have to be connected to your work. Sending a “thank you” note to your housekeeper for the soup she made when you were not keeping well will allow you to feel good about yourself, and the positivity will reflect in your work.

Wrapping it up...

As you gear up to ring in the New Year, you need to focus on the future. Choose from the list of resolutions mentioned above and ensure a steady personal and professional growth in the months to come.

Nathan Author Bio:
Nathan William is associated with as an expert on marketing assignment help. He is a senior marketing professional in a reputed corporate firm in Australia. He has been in this field for close to eight years now. In his spare time, Nathan takes to blogging and traveling.

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