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7 Ethical Ideas to Bring in More Customers for a Successful Carpentry Business

Tolerance and investing more are things you require to have when you decide to start a carpentry business. This business is not a walk in the park. You will come across challenges that you must solve to grow. But essentially, you should have long-term goals for your carpentry business to grow and have reliable customers.

You should understand that this business has a lot of competition; thus, you need to be unique. To attract more customers, you should be exceptional. Here are the best and practical ideas you can use to grow your business's customers.

7 Ethical Ideas to Increase Your Customers

1. Insurance your Business

Carpentry is a challenging business that can lead to injury while working. Also, you may lose your tools, or someone steals them. When such happens, you will be devastated. But if you have a carpenters insurance, you will be covered against such occurrences.

Apart from tool and injury insurance, it also covers your income. With income protection, you can pay for your utility bills, education fees, loans, and many others if you cannot work. When you insure your business, customers see you as an expert and responsible.

2. Develop a Website for Your Business

Times have changed, and if your business is not online, your chances of growing the number of customers is minimal. The best way to reach more customers in your location is by creating a website. The website should have all information about your business.

Some of the necessary details include;

  • Customer reviews
  • Contact information
  • About your business
  • Services

But that's not all. The website should be search engine optimized. This will enable it to appear on searches quickly. Include attractive images of your business. Customers love seeing pictures of an enterprise for familiarity.

You should always update your website with new content that is helpful to your clients. When you do this, be sure to witness growth in the number of customers.

3. Give Discounts

Giving discounts is one of the best ways to lure more customers to your carpentry business. Clients like enterprises that offer discounts. This is because it is a way of saving on cost but getting a high-quality service. This may, in return, make the customer purchase in bulk, enabling you to sell more.

Another benefit of offering a discount is that you get to grown your brand. Many people get to know about your business and its location. Also, customers get to find you reliable and will purchase or seek services from you repeatedly.

4. List Your Business in an Online Local Directory

Whether you have a small or well-established carpentry business listing the business in a local online directory is a plus. This will boost your online presence and easily accessible. This is because you will appear on the first page of SERPs when a person searches for a carpentry business in the location you operate.

But for you to rank high on Google requires patience as it takes six months or more. Furthermore, listing on a local directory is a plus when it comes to SEO. Search engines such as Google find your website relevant to carpentry searches, thus ranking you high.

5. Free Stuff

Have you ever come across a business with a poster saying, 'Buy two get one free?' I bet you have. This is a standard method many enterprises are using to increase their customers.

If you have never tried, you should today. This guarantees more customers. Let's say you make a poster saying, 'We will build you a home and fix the doors and other fixtures for free.' This will attract more people as they will be saving on the cash, they would have used in paying you to fix the door or cupboards.

By offering a free service, more customers will flock to your business, growing the customer base. Also, you should limit the promotion period. By doing so, you will gain more customers in a short period.

6. Social Media Advertisements

Presently, millions of people have access to social media platforms due to the increased use of smartphones. Many businesses have gone online, and social media is seen as an easier avenue to reach more customers.

Instagram is the only social media with nearly active users each month. This makes it lucrative for your carpentry business, as you can reach a large audience. This doesn't mean that you should not advertise on Facebook and Twitter.

Also, invest and take time to advertise your business on different social media platforms. This will make your business visible to many potential customers.

When making your advert make sure it's catchy to make the person viewing it inquire about your services. Even though the conversion might be slow when you begin, it will skyrocket after a short period, more so when customers like your services.

7. Automate Your Operations

You can hire a virtual assistant to offer instant messages to customers contacting your business via your business website or social media accounts. Quick response makes the customer comfortable and ready to call or message you next time.

You should note hiring a virtual assistant who is well-versed with carpentry terms, services, and prices you charge. The kind of response is also vital when determining if a client will choose your business.


Increasing the number of regular customers or attracting new ones is no easy task. You need to invest and be patient. But by following these seven ideas, be sure to gain more customers in a short period. If you cannot do all these, find an expert to help market your business.

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