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Securing the Distributed Workforce of the Future

It’s hard to imagine a year after the pandemic, but many are returning to the office... or are they? A taste of the work-from-home life has sparked the great resignation: many are leaving shelter-in-place work in favor of more lucrative - or more flexible - work environments. The distributed workforce is here to stay, which may be great from a lifestyle and productivity perspective, but it can quickly become a cybersecurity nightmare.

Sure, we can look to standard security that’s always worked in the office. There’s the illusive security that somehow, a password will keep us safe - these have been proven to be easily broken, especially with all of the data breaches out there that can be searched against. You might think oh well, at least I have a two-factor authentication set up where I’ll get a text to my phone. These can be fairly easily intercepted and a clever social engineer could even get a new SIM card and cut you out of the loop.

Learn more about securing remote work for the work-from-home future in the infographic below...

Securing the Distributed Workforce of the Future
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