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Hobbies That Are More Than a Money Pit


By Kari Oakley

Typically, a hobby, though fun, can be a bit of a money pit. Since a hobby can bring you so much enjoyment and relaxation, however, the cost is typically justified. In some cases, though, a hobby can actually become self-sustaining through monetizing certain aspects of that hobby. You could end up enjoying a free hobby where all of the materials you buy are paid for by the products or services you sell. It could even end up being a money-making venture, providing you with extra spending money or even a full-time income. Here are three hobbies that can provide a lot of bang for the buck.

Fish Keeping

Fish can make a great first pet for kids or provide relaxing visual stimulation for adults. While the ongoing costs aren't too high, they're still existent, meaning you'll need to find some way to support this hobby, monetarily. However, with the right type of fish, the fish could end up supporting your hobby.

Fish breeding is a fairly easy and fascinating part of aquarium keeping that then allows you to sell the fish to a local pet shop or other hobbyist. While the low cost of most fish will likely prevent you from becoming rich by selling them, even a few common fish sold can sustain the cost of fish food and aquarium filters.

Collecting Toys

Assembling a collection of any particular group of items isn't traditionally known for its money-making capabilities. In fact, collecting tends to be a cause to spend more money, not make some or all of that money back. However, if you're good at curating the collection you have, you may be able to share that knowledge with other people to provide an income. Something as simple as an Optimus Prime toy can be curated alongside other similar toys and then sold either using your own inventory or an affiliate link.

Your specialized knowledge of a particular type of item can provide great insight to others who are looking for just the right item to buy for either themselves or others. This is a fantastic way to increase the value of your own collection beyond "something I'll will to my kids." Instead, your collection, in a way, becomes a way to provide for your family in the here and now.

Flying a Drone

If you have a love for flying but don't want to have the responsibility of other people's lives placed in your hands, flying a drone can make a great substitute that can even make you a little money on the side. More and more, companies are realizing the value and potential of having aerial footage of a particular item or area as they seek to improve in their industry.

Whether it's an aerial survey of a vacant piece of land for a construction or design firm or a breathtaking aerial video of a natural wonder to be enjoyed as art, people can't seem to get enough of this new way of looking at things. Of course, if you do choose to pursue this hobby, it's always important to ensure you have the proper permits and licenses to be able to fly where you need to.

Just Keeps Getting Better

Of course, it may be that you want to keep your hobby, whatever it happens to be, as just a hobby. For you, the idea of earning money from something you do for "fun" seems to make it less "fun" or relaxing, since you're working with customers and sorting through the appropriate tax ramifications. However, if you can get past these issues, combining a hobby you love with a money-making opportunity can truly be a match made in Heaven.

Another point to notice about each of these hobbies is that as you become more involved and experienced in the hobby, your potential earned income increases. Exotic fish can be sold for more money than their common counterparts, larger collections provide you with a larger knowledge base to be able to sell more, and more advanced drone skills will allow you to find more projects. Thus, as you become more involved with something you already enjoy, your income potential increases, making this an ideal opportunity for anyone with a little ingenuity and a passion for what they do.

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