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Life Debate: Do You Really
Need a Career Coach?

By Mikkie Mills

The job market is slowly recovering around the world. However, there is a high competition among workers for lucrative positions good companies. Everyone is trying hard to climb the career ladder to the very to.

This is where the career coaches come in – to help you realize the opportunities around you and make the right career decisions. However, do you really need them? Here are arguments for and against hiring career coaches when moving up your career ladder...

  • You Need a Career Coach
    When you are not sure where you are headed you probably do need a career coach. Unfortunately, career goals are not all about high social status and money. A satisfying career is all about tapping into your strengths, enlisting your passions and giving you the life-work balance. However, determining what career gives you all of this is a tall order. However, a qualified career coach can help you determine your real career goals and the right path to achieve them.
  • You Seem Not to Land The Dream Job
    Have you been applying for that dream job that you are qualified but never seem to make any headway? Your resume or your approach to getting the job is wrong. The resume needs to be aligned with the job market needs, and you should network with the right people. A career coach can assist you to fine-tune your resume to fit the needs of your potential employers and advice you on ways to reach the right people.
  • You Need a Professional, Unbiased View of Your Next Decision
    Sometimes you need to move to another job or self-employment in order to move up the food chain. However, you may not be sure if you are making the right move. In such case, you need someone to give unbiased, professional opinion on your decision and help you mitigate the risks that make come with the decision.
  • You Do Not Need a Career Coach
    It is an expense to hire a career coach. Given that most people hire career coaches during the times of financial need, this cash may be hard to come by. Borrowing to hire a career coach may not be a wise decision. In such a situation consider making a move on your own.

    The coaching industry has a reputation for charging excessively. This is meant to create an impression of high-quality practice. This may be an unnecessary cost for some advice that you may get free online or elsewhere.

  • Getting a Life Coach That is Suited For Your Condition is Difficult
    There are a majority of many people who claim to be career coaches, but a few a really focused on particular areas of career development. To make matters worse, most of them impose their agendas and biased opinions on the clients. In the end, you end up more confused and fail to light the bulb into your career. It takes a little effort to get the right career coach. You may have spent lots of cash before you land in such a career coach.
  • Self-exploration Journey is a Solo Journey
    You are the one who best understands yourself. You know your weaknesses, strengths and what you really need in life. You are best suited to get your career solutions and the best course of action. You can then seek solutions depending on the problems you have been experiencing. For example, if your bad breath causes interpersonal and self-confidence issues out there, you have first to recognize the problems and then seek a solution such as oil pulling. The same procedure should be replicated in all career issues.

The decision on whether to hire a career coach varies from one person to the other. Look at the magnitude of your problem and circumstances surrounding it. Seek assistance if it helps solve your issues.

About Mikkie Mills: “I’m a Chicago native who loves to share her expertise about personal development and growth. When I’m not writing, I’m chasing the little ones around or rock climbing at the local climbing gym.” More articles by Mikkie.
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