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5 Advantages of Implementing a
Meeting Room Booking Solution

Today's workplace is all about dynamism and collaboration. However, every company has been plagued by inefficiencies surrounding meeting room bookings. 

And it is not only booking inefficiencies, but companies also lose a lot of money. Organizations spent almost 37 billion dollars on unproductive meetings. But there is still hope. And it comes in the form of a meeting room booking solution. 

But what is a meeting room booking solution? And does implementing it add value to your organization? Read this blog to find out more. 

What is Meeting Room Booking Software?

It is a solution that streamlines the process of booking meeting rooms. It takes out the guesswork from the booking process and reduces the effort to manage it. 

Employees can schedule meetings, book amenities, and send invites with a meeting room booking solution. Managers get a real-time view of available rooms, bookings made and control the sanitization effort. 

A high-end meeting room booking system like WorkInSync can also be integrated with Outlook and Google calendars. 

Such solutions can be beneficial for facility managers when analyzing the booking trends. For instance, they can see which meeting rooms are booked and how often. This real-time utilization data can be instrumental when getting a holistic view of the office space. It also helps with space management. 

Let us see how implementing a meeting room booking solution can help your organization. 

It eliminates double bookings and other conflicts

When an employee books a conference room using meeting room booking software, the system automatically marks that room as unavailable. So, if another employee tries to book the same room, it will detect the same and prevent the employee from booking it. 

The meeting room management system will allow employees to book available conference rooms. 

This pre-emptive detection saves time and removes any conflict relating to the meeting space.

It increases the efficiency of meeting rooms

Wasted space is a significant problem for most hybrid workplaces. For instance, a 4-seater meeting room remains empty most of the time. On the contrary, a large conference room is what employees prefer. 

This data can give facility managers insight into meeting room usage. Most meeting room management software tracks who is using which room and how often are these rooms booked. 

This can be instrumental when deciding which meeting rooms the workplace should keep and how to optimize the others. If a meeting room, for example, stays empty most of the time, it can be converted into private hot desks for employees to use. 

Therefore, installing a meeting room booking solution can increase the efficiency of meeting rooms. 

It improves employee productivity

Miscommunicated meeting location is another challenge that employees face. It is a severe deal-breaker when it comes to productivity. With a meeting room booking solution, employees can book rooms in confidence. 

Most modern conference room management software comes with features like interactive floor plans and wayfinding. 

So, when an employee schedules a meeting and invites others, the system ensures that everyone gets the correct information. This can include the location of the conference room, the meeting time, and the attendees. 

Due to the correct information received, employees show up for the meetings at the right time. This helps improve productivity and reduces the chances of wasting time.

It helps remove no-shows

An employee booked a conference room, but at the last moment, the meeting got cancelled. They forget to free the meeting room, and it sits idle. Someone else could have used the room, but they refrain from booking it because of its unavailability. 

Empty meeting rooms resulting from no-shows are a significant hiccup for facility managers. By implementing a meeting room booking solution, you can remove such issues. 

When no one signs into a meeting room within a prescribed time, the solution automatically detects and cancels the booking. This frees up the space and makes it available for others to use. 

Managers also get to view the schedules. So, if a conference room has a no-show, they can make the room available for others to use. 

It cuts costs and reduces the booking steps

On average, 40% of employees waste about 30 minutes daily looking for an appropriate meeting space. We know that meetings are an integral part of the hybrid work model. 

Therefore, wasting so much time can become counterproductive. Implementing a meeting room booking solution reduces the booking steps involved. All employees will have to do is pick an available meeting space. These solutions share the invites automatically. 

Once the booking is created, it automatically gets added to the attendees' calendar. With less time to waste on the booking process, employees can focus on things that matter. 

Also, inefficient meetings cost roughly $1800. This misallocation is costing your organization. A meeting room management system ensures that all the information is available on the centralized dashboards. 

If there are discrepancies, managers can sort them out immediately. This can be a cost-saver for your company. 

To Conclude

Implementing a meeting room booking solution can be helpful for your organization. However, you need to ensure that the solution you choose is helping your company benefit. 

A solution like WorkInSync is everything you need to streamline your meeting room management. WorkInSync also offers features like desk booking and visitor management. 

You can opt for a demo today to learn more about the features.

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