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10 Hobbies that Can Make You
a Better Employee

By Jessy Lee

When it comes to your career, focusing on the things that will fit the confines of the work will come naturally. However, the things that are closely related to your work aren’t the only things that can improve your performance and make you better at your job.

Researchers have shown that people can become better at their jobs if they use their spare time wisely, as well. Those who took on creative hobbies turned out to be more productive and motivated, as well as creative, than those who aimed only toward work-related activities.

“Pottery or painting might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of personal development and career opportunities. However, pursuing something you love, at least in your free time can move your entire world around. And better than anything else, too’’ – says Clementine Hardon.

Performance ranking can increase greatly for the occasional, dedicated hobbyist. The sole idea of having a creative outlet will give you a chance to develop new skills you can use in the workplace. Even if you do not use these, the fulfillment will be a moving force and source of your work progress.

Moreover, such hobbies will help you make a grand impression on prospective employees. In addition to minimizing the stress and improving your confidence, a hobby you love can do greatly for you in the work field.

  1. Crafting
    The simplest craft made by someone has taken a certain amount of time, skills and dedication to be completed. Looking at things is easy and simple, but learning to make them is an entirely different thing.

    When you finally finish a small or big craft of yours, you will feel both proud and fulfilled. Be it preparing something with a modelling clay or making a small earring, everything will demand your focus and patience. Working on such products has many benefits for your health and well-being, and will eliminate your stress caused by work.

  2. Painting
    You don’t have to be a gifted painter to take painting as a hobby. Just take a painting brush and a color palette and put your emotions onto a white canvas. Once you start, you will notice that painting takes off repressed emotions you cannot express otherwise.

    If you don’t feel confident about your painting skills, you can always purchase a coloring book and use it as your stress buster. Coloring inside the lines will keep you focus and help you rid of the stress.

  3. Dancing
    Dancing is perhaps the most popular hobby among people. The variety of choices is grand, which is why the interest is so widespread in the first place. By learning new dance moves such as salsa, Zumba, Cha Cha or others, you can improve your brain power and find relaxation.

    This hobby is shown to positively affect the motor center in the brain by creating connections that will help you think clearly and faster. With these skills, you will solve the work issues much easier and faster.

  4. Gardening
    Watching something grow is great, especially when you are the one nurturing it. Living things need more than sunlight and some water. They require the right conditions and environment, as well as much care from your end. If you haven’t tried gardening, this is an excellent idea for a hobby you can undertake in your free time.

    After a while, you will feel the need to turn your garden into a flourishing perfection. The methods and determination you will use to achieve this can yield great results if you apply them in the workplace, too.

  5. Decorations
    Have you tried decorating? Many people enjoy this hobby. Be it an office cabin, a cake or an entire home, decorating is a very fulfilling and interesting hobby. This hobby requires plenty of organization and an eye for aesthetics.

    We all have a small designer in ourselves. If you let your imagination guide you, you will enjoy the decorating hobby more than you expect. And who knows – this small hobby can fast turn into a whole new, highly paid career such as interior design, fashion design or event management! If not, it will surely make your place look more attractive.

  6. Knitting
    This hobby appeals mostly to the ladies. People believe that making attractive art by using knitting tools is simple, but it is definitely much complicated from what it seems. Knitting requires repeated effort and patience, and making efforts to do the same thing in the same manner continuously.

    It sounds boring when you hear about it, but it is actually real fun when you try it. In addition, knitting helps improve your concentration, and that small excellent piece you finished after a lot of work will pose as a great motivator in your office.

  7. Yoga
    Yoga is known to have many benefits, all of them contributing to your work performance. In this highly stressful time, some peace of quiet and relaxation in the form of exercise can clear your brain and reduce your stress. In addition to the mental benefits, yoga also has many physical benefits, too. It will help you reduce weight, improve your cardio health, protect you from injuries, increase muscle strength and improve your vitality.

    Interestingly, this is a hobby you can even practice in the workplace. Many of the yoga exercises aren’t as noticeable as you might think and these might just be what you need during break time.

  8. Volunteering
    Volunteering offers you a sense of community and makes you more self-confident. Using your free time to volunteer won’t just add to your resume and impress potential employers, but will also make you feel more pleased with yourself. Contributing to important causes such as volunteering in a homeless or a pet shelter will provide you with the self-esteem you need, as well as give you a sense of empowerment.
  9. Music
    Practice is important when it comes to music and every small achievement you will make while practicing will make you happy. Music is known to make people happier and helps them attain more skills that will affect the workplace performance positively, such as self-discipline, good listening skills, attention to detail, as well as experimentation.
  10. Photography
    Photography is partly a career, partly a hobby. This is one of the hobbies you can turn into a high-paying career on the side or a full-time job. You will sure grow to love it, but if you also become great in it, photography can turn out to be a grand source of income.

    If the photos you take are great, people will notice. You can start small, by taking photos as a hobby and make enjoyable memories along the way. When it comes to picture-taking, practice goes a long way.

Have you considered any of the ten hobbies in the list? If you have, now is the perfect time to start pursuing them. All these can be beneficial to your success in life, even if they are not closely related to the set of skills your job currently demands. You never know where life will take you, so why not use your free time wisely?

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