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How Learning to Sing Changed My Life

Those at the beginning of their singing life and those who have made a full time career out of their voice speak about how positive it is to learn singing skills online. Their lessons – with a personal coach – has deeply affected their singing.

A Busker Works on His Voice

Sheng Li is a busking musician from Singapore who felt strong about his guitar playing but knew he wanted to work on his voice. 

“This was my first time taking proper voice lessons – and so I was feeling scared! But I quickly learned that the Singdaptive instructors are so encouraging, genuine, and sincere – it was so reassuring that my instructors listened to every voice clip I sent to them and helped me find the specific issues I most needed to work on. 

“This focussed attention to my voice was not something I could find on YouTube – I am so thankful for this valuable part of these experience – thank you, Singdaptive!”

Canadian Singer Develops Her Singing

Anya Mia in Canada came to singing and song writing later in life. She wanted to move away from only singing in her car during her morning commute. So she began meeting with musicians and put out her first EP.

At the same time she knew it would be good to get some help with her singing. However her gut reaction was to not get this help - she had a history of music teachers (in other areas than singing) leaving her with negative feelings. Yet she did want to give learning a try. So she turned to Singdaptive:

“The exercises and techniques I’ve learned in my personal exchanges have immediately addressed the problems I’d been having. The Singdaptive instructor was both encouraging and insightful and left me with a wealth of information and ideas.”

New York City Singer Mike Tedesco

Mike Tedesco is a full time New York city based singer-songwriter with a rapidly growing following on his live Twitch shows.

He was surprised that he could focus on any area relevant to singers with his online learning and, after considering what he most needed, chose the technique and power behind his head voice.

“I was paired up with Kathy Alexander, one of the founders of Singdaptive – in learning how to make my head-voice more powerful they found the beautiful middle ground between an in person lesson where you really get to build a relationship with an instructor who really comes to know your voice and works with you. On the other hand there is YouTube where there are an infinite number of videos that focus on an area that you want - but they are not personalized to you. Singdaptive gives each singer a personal relationship with a professional teacher AND uses videos from other instructors that you can dive into.”

Singers Jade Hendrix and Kevin Lin 

Jade Hendrix is an Singer songwriter in LA who felt her singing would be enormously helped by focusing on recording her songs at home. She knew that she needed personal instruction to help master the gear needed to make quality recordings.

“I’ve made a few records and I’ve always been interested in self-recording, but have been daunted by it - so I was ready personally through two platforms on how to do this – I was excited that I knew how to get the ball rolling on my first self- recorded production. Singdaptive is the most in depth and personalized platform I’ve ever used.”

Kevin Lin really enjoyed the fact that issues and direction given to him didn’t need to be fixed right away – you can take a few days, a week or longer to really dig into the singing work. “This time helped me discover new things about myself and about my voice - and it helped me improve my confidence in singing.”

You & Learning Online

Mega Tarantelli seems to have summarized what many users are experiencing: “It is wonderful to open an instructional video with invaluable feedback created just for you – and hear your own name too!”

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