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Lab Diamond Buying Guide

Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds that are created in a lab. The process typically involves melting mined carbon and other materials together to form liquid graphite, which is then heated to approximately 1,200 degrees Celsius with high-pressure nitrogen gas added into the mix. This causes the liquid to crystalize and eventually grow into diamonds. These gems can be found in colors like pink, blue, yellow, green, or clear yellow. The size ranges from 0.003 millimetres to 10 centimetres or longer in diameter depending on how many crystals were used for a particular diamond shape or whether it's cuttable at all.

What are natural vs manmade diamonds?

1. Real diamonds have measurable flaws, while manmade diamonds do not.

Buying a real diamond is considered an investment since they are rarer and more sought-after than manmade diamonds. Unfortunately, under the pressure of high temperature and high pressure deep in the earth, real diamonds form within kimberlite pipes with internal fractures.

2. Real diamonds are more valuable than manmade diamonds.

Real diamonds are rarer, and they contain a light that is 100 times greater than most manmade diamonds. Real diamonds can be cut into more exquisite shapes and have superior fire, brilliance, scintillation, and inclusions. Real diamonds have flawless clarity near perfection.

3. Real diamonds are also less prone to fracturing than manmade diamonds.

Manmade diamond-cutting processes don't always yield the best quality diamond. A lot of the time it's very harmful to our planet when manmade stones are mined solely for profit or consumer goods instead of being mined for their beauty and value in jewellery making.

4. Real diamonds are never as bright or shiny as manmade diamonds.

For real diamonds to shine, it takes millions of carats of pressure and temperatures reaching over 13,000 kH or 16,000C.

5. Manmade diamonds grow with no petrifaction, while real diamonds do form petrified growths that require the removal to be removed.

Manmade diamond technologies make it easy to mine stones instead of letting nature have its way below the earth's surface.

Get to know

RareCarat is a lab-grown diamond wholesaler and has been a pioneer in the diamond industry for over 15 years. Carats are certified with GIA or AGS and come in various shapes and sizes to suit your needs. We have an amazing team that diligently works to bring you the best diamonds at the best price. When it comes to the lab diamond price RareCarat is the best place to buy lab-grown and high-quality manmade diamonds at a fraction of the cost.

Lab Diamond Buying Guide" deals from

Below are some lab diamond buying guide tips from

1. Always buy from reliable sources

The best place to buy lab-grown diamonds is from reputable sources. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

2. Ask for a certificate of authenticity with each diamond

Every diamond will be individually inspected by our GIA or AGS-certified gemologist and passed under 100 x magnification to ensure that the diamond you are buying is flawless, absolutely flawless, conflict free, and clean.

3. Shop wisely and purchase samples first

Before you buy a single lab-grown diamond from us, we suggest you try on a few samples in different sizes to see which lab-grown diamonds best fit your size loss needs for the lifetime of your investment.

4. Set realistic expectations

We understand that lab-grown diamonds are a great investment. But, they are not ideal for every woman, no matter what they say. They are more of a time and money saver than an innovation in the jewellery industry.

5. Keep warranties in mind

When it comes to warranties, we have the best warranty in the industry. All our lab diamonds come with a lifetime warranty and will replace your stone if damaged or lost.

6. Get to know your diamond-cut grades

The 4Cs are cut color, clarity and carat weight. We have professionally graded diamonds that will always be within these parameters to ensure customer satisfaction. When shopping around for diamonds anywhere, these are the things you need to consider when shopping for a lab diamond or any other diamond.

Lab-grown diamonds Cost

How much are lab-grown diamonds? Lab-grown diamonds are cheaper than real diamonds if you know where to look. They cost less because they're more precious and easy to come by. We have made our process better, faster, and more cost-effective to keep prices low so all customers can enjoy higher-quality lab-grown diamonds without spending a fortune.


If you want to buy lab-grown diamonds and get the best possible at more affordable prices, you should check out If you want to buy lab-grown diamonds at the best possible prices, we guarantee you will find it here on our website. We are the best place to get lab-grown and high-quality manmade diamonds because of our top-quality diamonds and fast shipping at affordable prices.

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