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Why Is It Important to Follow the Correct
Grammar When Writing Articles?

By Sandra Hayward

Social networking and computer technologies made people lazy and less literate. They don’t care now about how and what they write because everything can be corrected by the specific program. They use a lot of slang and emoticons to substitute words and phrases while texting. As a result, they acquired bad habits of bad writing.

Are you irritated when you find errors in the text? Do you think that the level of literacy is declining nowadays? Do you often notice errors on advertising billboards? If you answered “yes” to these questions, this article is definitely for you.

Why Is It So Important to Be Literate?

Many people believe that correct use of English grammar is a privilege of teachers, writers or those whose occupation relates to grammar and literacy. The importance of literacy in everyday life is usually neglected. Certainly, this is a big mistake. Grammar helps to build better communication between people regardless of language. According to TypeMyEssays, grammatically correct articles are much easier to understand than those that don’t display literacy. Besides, the meaning of literate articles is clearer to the audience.

Grammar is the structure of language by which people express themselves, but they should use it appropriately to share their ideas with others in an effective way. Articles containing multiple grammatical errors or incorrect punctuation are difficult to read and understand. In this case, readers have to re-read articles many times to understand its meaning and many people find it irritating. No one likes to waste time on unproductive activities. So, you may lose your audience one day. In addition, reading experience is negatively affected by continuous re-reading: people may forget the initial idea of the writer.

improve grammar

How Can Grammar Be Improved?

There are several ways to improve your grammar. You can use grammar check online and offline programs or hire a grammar corrector to proofread your articles. You can revise grammar rules on a regular basis and do sentence correction by yourself. You can correct grammar online using online grammar correction tools, such as Grammarly, Free Grammar Checker, Ginger or other similar tools. The approach you use to check grammar for writing depends on the goals you pursue. If, for example, you just need to check grammar of your articles, you can use one of the tools just mentioned. If you have a lot of writing to be completed in a short period of time, probably, hiring a professional editor is a wise decision.

read more

Read More

When it comes to developing your skills in English grammar, a great number of approaches can be used. By reading more publications and books in English, you can significantly expand your vocabulary and improve grammar. However, few people like reading nowadays. Maybe we have to pay more attention to our literacy and the development of intellectual ability?

Reading in English helps to understand grammar structures and the use of idioms. By reading more, you can also improve your writing skills: the more you read, the more literate you become. This results in improvement in writing because you memorize word constructions and then implement this knowledge in practice.

If you don’t like to read, try to find a genre that would spark an interest in you. Light reading, like newspapers, magazines, academic publications, short stories and blog posts are suitable options to develop better grammar skills. The main requirement is that this reading should be informative, meaningful and only involve high-quality literature. By reading different types of publications, you will be able to expand your knowledge of language styles.


Practice More English

Completing grammar exercises is another way to improve your skills. You may wish to use English grammar books or online grammar tests. It is not necessary to buy them because you can find a lot of free materials to practice English online. Practicing English as well as other languages is entitled to being a disciplined person rather than having an outstanding talent. You need to practice your grammar skills until you understand that you feel confident in expressing your thoughts in writing.

Listen More

Listening more English speakers is another path to becoming a more literate person. You can watch YouTube videos and TV in English, or participate in free listening challenges to improve your grammar. Many copywriters agree that listening is a very effective way to improve your grammar and vocabulary. Therefore, this is widely used in various teaching methods. Besides, listening can help you to understand different styles of English. For example, we know that British and American accents, as well as grammar and spelling nuances, are quite different.

Write More

You can create a journal and write down your daily events to further make an analysis of the quality of your writing. Undoubtedly, after several months of using these simple practices you will realize that your English is better than before. It would be nice if you find like-minded people so you can motivate each other to reach better results. However, it is also important not to discourage each other and not to give up because the development of advanced skills takes a lot of time and efforts.

You should be ready to participate in the marathon when attempting to increase your level of grammar. However, your efforts will be rewarded in the future.

Bio: Sandra Hayward is a professional freelance writer who is keen on psychology and time-management. She also likes cooking and visiting new countries.
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