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Guidelines for Writing a Technical Essay

Writing a Technical Essay

During the educational process, students perform a number of written works. It can be: a term paper, coursework, an essay, a dissertation. In the process of preparing a technical essay, students have the opportunity to show their ability to work analytically with technical literature, demonstrate the skills of a substantiated and detailed presentation of their point of view on the topic under study, and make their own conclusions.

Preparation of a technical essay, collection of material

When preparing a technical essay, it is advisable to adhere to the following scheme for studying the topic:

  • understanding (comprehension), taking into account the knowledge gained, the chosen topic of an essay
  • selection (search) of the necessary technical literature, statistical information, as well as other sources
  • analysis and systematization of materials collected on the topic of a paper
  • preparation of an essay writing plan
  • writing the text in the amount determined by the requirements
  • formatting of a paper in accordance with the requirements (format of citations and works cites section).

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Rules for formatting a technical essay

  • Rules for writing letter abbreviations
    In the text of a technical essay, in addition to the generally accepted alphabetic abbreviations, alphabetic abbreviations introduced personally by the author can be used, which abbreviate any concepts from the technical area. At the same time, the first mention of such abbreviations is indicated in parentheses after the full name, in the future they are used in the text without decoding.
  • Rules for writing formulas, symbols
    Formulas are placed in separate lines in the center of the page or within text lines. It is recommended to put formulas in the text short, simple, and not numbered. The most important formulas, as well as long and cumbersome ones containing the signs of summation, differentiation, integration, are placed on separate lines. The most important formulas that are referenced in the paper should be numbered.
  • Rules for the format of tables, figures, graphs
    Tables and figures should have titles and sequential numbering (for example, Table 1, Fig. 3). Each table should indicate the units of measurement of the indicators and the time period to which the data belongs. If the unit of measurement in the table is common for all numerical tabular data, then it is given in the table heading after the name.

    When constructing graphs along the coordinate axes, the corresponding indicators are entered, the letter designations of which are placed at the ends of the coordinate axes, fixed by arrows. If necessary, explanatory inscriptions are made along the coordinate axes.

When using materials borrowed from literary sources in the essay, citing various authors, it is necessary to make appropriate references, and at the end of the work place a list of used literature. Not only citations, but also an arbitrary statement of fundamental provisions borrowed from the literature are included in the paper with reference to the source.

In addition to following the rules in the preparation and formatting of the essay, it is also important to proofread and edit the paper. At the same time, this rule must be observed regardless of whether you are writing a technical, literary, or application essay. Many of those who write college admission essays hope to get a scholarship. If you want to get a NCSA sports scholarship, you should know that you will require to write an amazing application essay without mistakes. Don’t forget about the rule we have already mentioned – whatever you write, proofread and edit before submitting!

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