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What Are Graphic Design Templates,
and How Do They Save Your Time?

What do you do when somebody tells you to create a flyer, infographic, or anything creative as soon as possible? You would not start with a blank design canvas, would you?

There are many challenges that designers face daily. And delivering a graphic design project on short notice is one of them. In such a case, graphic design templates come as a handy tool. There are hundreds of online templates available that you can use to create your project on time. 

Even if you don't want to use templates, you can draw ideas from them. For today's marketers as well as designers, these free design templates are incredibly helpful for saving time, energy, money. 

What are design templates?

You may ask, what are design templates? Well, these are pre-created designs or documents that a user can customize with ease. Templates are always created considering the specific standards to feel convenient for the users. You can access various template libraries on the Web or create templates for others to use.

Undoubtedly, a good design is what everyone requires. But unfortunately, not everybody can afford to build an in-house design team or hire a designer. Graphic design templates remove these complications and help you save time and money. 

Here are some other reasons to use design templates. 

They are convenient and fast

Marketers and designers put much energy into creating a visual brand material. But design templates help them save their energy and make the same design repeatedly. They work as a creative shortcut to help you escape the hectic project deadlines.

Graphic design templates also save your precious time. Whether you need to create a restaurant menu, a resume, or print ads, you can create it easily using a design template.

They are standardized 

Design templates from reputable sites fulfill all the specifications to match their purposes. For example, if you want to download a template for your Facebook cover photo, it is sure to have the proper length and width as required.

The same goes for online store cover photos, print designs, Facebook ads, and logo design templates.

Not only this, but design templates also help you preserve your brand’s consistency. When you define your brand guidelines, you can save the elements across the templates for visual consistency.

They are well optimized

Bad design is injurious to SEO. People visiting a site that's hard to navigate are more likely to leave or bounce. Poor navigation means your website is not good and fails to answer people's queries. Therefore, it leads to negative SEO impacts.

But with design templates, you can avoid such incidents. Good templates provide a great user experience, and a great user experience means a positive impact on SEO.

They are affordable 

You can find hundreds of design templates available for free. The places where you can find templates for free are Canva, Adobe, Creative Market, and more. 

There are also many tools out there to help you create your own design templates for free. 

Places where design templates come in handy 

You can use design templates for:

Visual content 

In marketing, visual content plays an integral part. Without it, you won't be able to drive attention. Consistent visual content is the key to attracting customers and keeping them engaged.

It doesn't matter whether you are creating a new graphical element for your web page, designing an infographic to display a new report, or placing icons in a presentation; design templates can simplify your task and help you maintain visual consistency across your brand.

Digital content 

Any digital content is challenging to create. However, business owners and marketers can leverage website design templates when building a blog, home page, landing page, and other forms of digital content.

You can source web design templates online from sites like Wix, HubSpot, and more. All you have to do is to put your content and publish it. 

Written content

Design templates designed specifically for written content are marketers’ favorite. It is because they allow the marketers to focus on the content part while taking care of the visual aspect. For example, suppose you are designing an e-book and need a stunning template. 

When you work with a template, you prioritize the content. It also gives you organizational direction. For example, informational content like press releases, etc., can be boring to grasp by the end-user. But when you give it a creative spin using a template, it becomes easier for them to digest it. The same applies to email campaigns. Almost all email marketing tools come with pre-designed templates to put your information quickly.

Print or promotional content 

If you post your content throughout the public domain, make sure it follows your brand consistency norms. You can standardize it with a design template. It can help you glide through a series of promotion campaigns such as social media ads, PPC ads, or landing page development. Using design templates for each campaign enables you to maximize its impact on your target audience.

Once the template showcases your brand's voice, people start noticing it, no matter whether you're posting it generally or publishing it under a promotional campaign.


With changing times, design templates have come a long way. Nowadays, you can find a particular design template on designhill for almost every project besides blogs and presentations. You can explore thousands of templates for almost any project on Adobe, Canva, and other sites. One of the best advantages of these templates is that they are fully customizable and entirely optimized for the elements to work correctly. 

The majority of people need stunning visual content, but many of them do not have time or budget to spend. Also, they need high-quality results with a fast turnaround. So, in such cases, design templates have proved to be the best resource they can count on. So, if you're still thinking, it's high time you stop those thoughts and start using design templates. These are convenient, free, and fast to turn your design project attractive and attention-grabbing. 

So, start using templates today to make your designs stand out!

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Ombir is SEO Executive at Netflix Trends and Top Ten Corner. He is a SEO and Writer who has an experience of 2 years in these respective fields. He likes to spend his time doing research on various subjects.

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