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Effective Document Management Can
Bring About Digital Transformation

Read the news, and you will find that one company or a global brand is witnessing a security breach every day. In most cases, the company or the organization needed to be made aware that what they thought to be a customer query mail or a bank offer mail led to a security breach that cost them several dollars.

It is here that you need to count on penetration testing. The online world comes with cyber threats that you shouldn't overlook. And you need to know whether or not your company will fall prey to it.

Now that you know your company can also fall prey to a cyber threat, let's look at the hazards that can mess up your brand reputation and security system.

Effective Document Management
  1. Ransomware

It is a widespread attack. Suppose yours is a small business; you need to be more careful. Several companies haven't deployed a system to identify the ransomware attacks and hence become a victim of it. You should invest in a threat detection platform to secure you from this threat. It is necessary to back up your data so that you can retrieve it once there is an attack.

  1. Phishing

It is a common yet tricky security attack that companies face. You will remember the data breach that Verizon faced in 2016. According to research, the brand lost its data to a phishing attack. These attacks usually come in emails that look credible but have malicious links. 30% of all phishing emails will not make you suspect it if you don't have a security platform that recognizes the issue for you. Also, people need the training to detect phishing emails. It is necessary to teach your employees about phishing and thereby reducing the attacks. The trick here is to only click on links and attachments if you are sure of the sender.

  1. BYOD

Most companies encourage BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) as it is a tool for cost savings and enhanced employee productivity. But only some companies manage their BYOD devices, which makes them vulnerable to security attacks. Hence, there is a need to implement a BYOD policy for companies so that they get to cherish the advantages.

  1. Employees

No one seems to be paying attention to this! But employees are the first line of potential victims for cyber criminals. Several companies need help identifying former employees' threats to the security system. Since they have passwords and other information, they can sell important contacts and security data to competitors at a specific price. Hence, whenever an employee leaves who has had a dubious past, it is necessary to upgrade the security system so that there is no harm posed to the company.

At times, brands do it all but still become victims of cyber-attacks. It is here that penetration testing can come to help and enable a company to upgrade its security walls by making the necessary changes.

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