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10 Delegation Strategies From Famous Leaders

In any workplace and in any industry, effective delegation skills are considered essential. The benefits of delegation can see improvements in productivity and time management, plus it develops trust and communication between members.

Deciding which tasks you should delegate can be a lot trickier than it seems, especially if the task-in-hand is difficult to master, high-risk or time-sensitive.

Indeed, delegation skills are complex and require a high degree of emotional intelligence and a strong understanding of the skill base within an organization. It is not enough to simply pass on responsibility from senior management down the command chain. The right people need to be chosen for delegated tasks, which requires an open mind about every team member and what they’re capable of.

To help you master the art of delegation, OnDeck has pulled together 10 tips from successful founders and shows you how to apply them.

The leaders included are: Mark Zuckerberg (Meta), Steve Jobs (Apple), Sara Blakely (Spanx), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Jennifer Dulski (Rising Team), Bill Gates (Windows), Phil Alves (DevSquad), Carla Williams Johnson (Carli Communications), Agostina Pechi (Goldman Sachs) and Anahita Dalmia (Alterea).

Delegation Strategies From Famous Leaders
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