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16 Reasons to Be Proud of Being a Book Hoarder

By Evelina Brown

There's been a great deal said about paring down the number of books you own recently. Book lovers around the world know, though, that the correct way to own book is to own as many as possible. Below are a few reasons why you should be so proud of your book hoarding tendencies.

1. Ready Access

One of the big reasons to be proud of having a book hoard is that you've always got access to great literature. You don't have to go online or run to the library to find the perfect story for any occasion - you just have to turn to your own bookshelves.

2. Showing Your Taste

Your book hoard is really an expression of your taste. If you want to show off what you love, why not start with your books?

3. Lending Library

Book hoarders are always ready to lend a book. If you have multiple copies, you are able to help multiple friends find a new favorite. This kind of charity is really only possible if you have your own private hoard of books.

4. Great Decor

Books aren't just for reading. If you're a book hoarder, you know that you can use your books to liven up an otherwise boring room. You can even switch out books based on their binding to better suit the other items that are already present in your living space.

5. Expanding Your Knowledge

A book hoarder is usually someone who values knowledge. Every book in your collection represents something that you have learned or could learn in the future. Be proud of your dedication to your further education - your books could come in handy some day!

6. Preparing for Disaster

Good book hoarders are always ready to be snowed in or to have the power go out. Your books don't need batteries and just need a bit of sunlight to be read. If you want to be well-prepared for a worst-case scenario, you need to have plenty of books available.

7. Plenty of Choices

One of the best reasons to be proud of being a book hoarder is the knowledge that you'll always have plenty of choices when it comes to reading. You don't have to pour over the same books over and over again when you have hundreds to choose from, after all.

8. Saving Money

Buying new books costs money. While there are many good reasons to buy textbooks and other books, it's nice to know that you have a supply waiting at home. If you're looking to save money, having your own home library is a great way to start.

9. Creating Conversations

Many great conversations have started with good books. If you're looking for a way to spark a conversation with someone in your life, you can lend out a copy from your own collection. It's a great way to make inroads with someone with whom you might not have much else in common.

10. Practicing a Craft

Repairing books can be a great craft in and of itself. If you want to practice, though, you're going to need raw materials. The best way to get materials for your book-binding practice is always going to be having a collection of your own.

11. Preparing for Trivia

Trivia games can be a great way to spend time and even make a little money. If you want to master trivia, you need a hoard of great old books. Not only are they full of the practical knowledge you need to get through life, but they can also be full of the bits of trivia that can help you win a game at the bar.

12. Gaining Insight

Books are great teachers. When you buy textbooks or novels, you're giving yourself the permission to learn something new. When you hold onto these books for a lifetime, you are giving yourself a repository of knowledge that you can tap into at any time you like.

13. Remembering Old Friends

Books can be a great representation of the people that you have come to know and love over your lifetime. Every book is more than just the story kept within - it is a representation of the person who gave you the book or of the time in your life when you were doing your reading.

14. A Great Aroma

One thing that every book owner knows is that books have their own smell. When you have a huge collection, you'll be able to fill your home with the perfume of a library. These books will help to permeate every area of your home and give it the aroma of an old bookstore, the kind of smell that book lovers have learned to savor over years of pouring over book sales.

15. Tangible Proof

There's something nice about being able to touch a book. When you have a huge hoard of books, you have the ability to run your hands down the spine of each novel. Whether you're enjoying the feel of an old leather bound book or reminiscing about the cardboard covers of old textbooks, you'll get some tangible joy when you touch your old books.

16. A Story of a Lifetime

Your collection of books really can tell the story of your life. From the textbooks you used in college to the technical manuals that you've taken from work, each book tells a little bit about the person you have become. When you're gone, these books can tell others a great deal about who you were.

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