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How Does Electrical Industry Gain Benefit
from Pulp Molding

pulp molding

Molded pulp packaging has accounted for a large portion of the packaging market, being far and wide applied for all manner of high-quality product packaging in our daily life such as electrical products, household appliance, instruments, apparatus, and so forth. Besides, pulp molding gradually triumphs over plastic that used to dominate the packaging material and provides an increasing market demand for the sustainable and recycled packaging industry. That is because the severe escalating greenhouse effect and other growing environmental problems caused by the abuse of Styrofoam and plastics bags have aroused great global attention.

People may ask why ordinary plastic packaging is difficult to be recycled. Well, the fact is disposable. In other words, Throw-away plastic packaging because of the pure properties of stable internal molecular structure is not easy to oxidize and does not meet the requirements of three degradation modes in nature. That's why a large number of countries are now inclined to give restrictions and limitations to plastics substances.

However, the raw material of pulp molding is environmentally biodegradable that remains safe and green for the human body and living surrounding throughout its life cycle. After that, its component materials also could be entirely recycled and degraded, forming a closed-circuit manufacturing and application program.

In the issue, the molded pulp packaging market in the electrical industry would be a larger one in the next few years. Here are 4 points for you to understand why the adoption of pulp molding is beneficial to electrical industry development.

pulp molding

Custom design available

Pulp moldings of various specifications and shapes can be produced through the designed mold to meet the packaging requirements of products of different shapes, ensuring the installment and move of the valuable electronic devices or components become safe and comfortable, isolating, and prevent collisions. 

To offer a perfect and accurate design, the thermoforming packaging machine usually adopts an advanced printing technique named Computer Aided Design, producing an original prototype that you can test and check before putting into volume production. For example, the HGHY would be a great choice for your design consideration.

Cost-effective and short turnover cycle

The source of the raw material of pulp molding is extensive, which is usually recycled paper and water. They are not much expensive and can be found everywhere, such as family, school, paper mills, and large companies. Moreover, due to all-in-one design with fully automated solutions, manufacturers can improve their production turnover time.

Providing superior service in surplus asset management, cwr resources are buyers of used packaging and processing equipment.

pulp molding

Excellent protection 

The pulp molding usually is light and soft, and the overall structure has appropriate strength and rigidity. Electronic products always are fragile that almost every stage, from transportation progress to the sales department, is necessary for you to pay careful emphasis on it. Ideal temperature and high moisture offered by molded pulp packaging are conducive to the storage of electronic products, dropping the risk of being damaged. 

Pulp molding also helps the sensitive and delicate electrical products prevent knock against and violent vibration too. According to different requirements based on customers, it can be designed as flame-retardant, anti-static, waterproof, laminating, printing, applied in retail packaging terminals. 

One of the outstanding characteristics of it is anti-static, and the mutual friction of foam or plastic is easy to generate static electricity foam and plastic. The use of molded pulp packaging can better protect electronic products and household appliances.

Green public image

Molded pulp packaging is completely 100% biodegradable, energy-saving, and eco-friendly. Facing the enormous plastic pollution in the ocean and increasing plastic waste dumping into landfills, now more and more customers are access to choose a recycled packaging product, endeavoring to save the planet little by little. The electrical industry can enjoy and opportunity to improve its reputation by creating a perfect impression to the public as an organization following green and environmental philosophy, gaining the responsibility, confidence, and trust of their target customers.

pulp molding

Recycled material is the popular and new trend in the manufacturing industry thanks to its properties of unique appearance, full protection, affordable price, and eco-friendly essence. It motivates manufacturers in mounting numbers to invest in molded pulp packaging. Here at HGHY, a comprehensive thermoforming machine manufacturer with sophisticated pulp molding machines and technician, specializes in complete and environmentally friendly production line molded pulp packaging especially for electronic component, medical care products, disposable tableware, egg tray, etc. If you are interested in learning more about the pulp molding machines, HGHY welcome the chances to service you.

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