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How Valentines Flowers Are New York’s Love Language


New York is developing and growing so rapidly that it seems almost unreal. And only the yellow taxi, perhaps, will remain the only undoubted business card of this metropolis.

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and as busy New Yorkers, the question is – Are flowers still relevant in this ever-transforming city, and is it still worth giving?

We re-imagined these scenarios in the eyes of different New Yorkers, each with a heartwarming story worth reading.

What are flowers to the quintessential New Yorker?

Here’s to the train surfing New Yorkers whose shoulders are burdened by the monotony of traveling through a busy subway system. The daily routine has turned into a barely familiar circle of faces, each of which is lost in its own world. However, it is on this Valentine's Day, when a passenger steps onto the train platform, an unexpected break occurs in the routine.

In the hands of someone flashed a small bouquet of fragrant flowers, carefully selected to bring a splash of color and joy to this almost ordinary day. Passengers board the train, make their way through the dense crowd, clutching delicate flowers to themselves. When the doors close, the air begins to fill with the subtle scent of flowers, creating a mobile oasis of fragrance within the subway car.

The hustle and bustle of crowded every day and completely identical trips stop for a moment when fellow travelers catch a charming scent. People, usually buried in newspapers or glued to smartphone screens, look up with general curiosity. Flowers become the center of attention, a source of unexpected beauty.

As the train rumbles through tunnels and stations, the scent becomes a connecting thread between strangers. A tired passenger, lost in his thoughts, catches the scent and is momentarily transported to a garden far from the urban chaos. Another passenger, who may have endured the daily routine with a heavy heart, experiences unexpected pleasure from the floral fragrance.

And so, from person to person, there is an easy transformation of the person himself. And so, after a while, the beauty of nature in the form of fragrant flowers causes a collective feeling of joy and sympathy. And every passenger at this moment wants to be a part of this event – they either want to receive such a bouquet, or, what is even more valuable, to give such a bouquet themselves. The transformation is amazing!

Bursting the Office Bubble with Fresh Blooms

Here’s our lonely office worker, comfortably seated among the tall skyscrapers that form the iconic New York City skyline. Lost in a sea of deadlines and paperwork, the daily routine is a symphony of office buzz and computer clicks. Nevertheless, it is on Valentine's Day, amidst the impersonal noise of the corporate landscape, that an unplanned event can suddenly occur, which is often called in one word – surprise!

While the New Yorker did not have time to immerse himself in the routine, his gaze managed to notice a modest bouquet of bright flowers, elegantly standing on the table, carefully placed by an invisible hand. The colors and delicate petals attract attention amid a sea of papers and electronic devices. The office, usually characterized by sterile walls and artificial lighting, instantly turns into a visual oasis, as if inserting a pause in the inexorable movement of corporate requirements.

The vibrant hues and natural beauty of the colors serve as a pleasant reminder that life goes beyond spreadsheets and emails. Each flower seems to whisper a subtle invitation to take a moment of respite to appreciate the grace of nature against the background of the expanses of steel and glass outside the office window.

And the effect of such a surprise is not only visual; there has been a complete mini-transformation of the workspace. Colleagues passing by stop for a moment, attracted by an unexpected splash of color. At this point, the office becomes a common space where the beauty of nature breaks the monotony of the working day. An unassuming, but such a cute floral addition has created a more pleasant and serene working environment, offering a brief respite in the middle of the daily routine to all those who look at this bouquet.

Married but Made to Last

Come the busy parents gracefully pushing a stroller along winding paths in the middle of the vast expanses of New York's Central Park, where urban development breaks off with a piece of not virgin, but beautiful nature. In the life of such a parent, perhaps the most important event has already taken place – the birth of a baby. But who said that all good things should end there? On the contrary! Everything wonderful is just beginning!

When parents walk along the paved paths, an unexpectedly presented modest bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day becomes a source of unexpected delight. And after that, the very process of riding a stroller turns from a routine and everyday task into a leisurely walk full of emotions and joy.

But the most unexpected thing in this whole situation may be the attitude of the child himself to this wonderful surprise. The bright colors of the bouquet attract the child's attention and excite his innocent, natural curiosity. And then the walk, which you have already lost count of, turns into a wonderful memory that you will definitely want to repeat! But you will not be able to repeat it – at another moment the bouquet will be different, and the weather will be different, and the child will grow up, giving you another (yes, beautiful, but another) bouquet of emotions!

So appreciate the present – give flowers not only on Valentine's Day, but also just like that, for no reason, without self–interest, with only one goal – to make your loved ones happier; to fill their lives with pleasant moments that will be remembered all their lives; to give them something that no one else has the right to - which means It is up to you to do this. And no one else.

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