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Never Have I Ever – The Perfect Party Game

Never Have I Ever

There are many ways to plan a party. For example, you can decide what type of food people will be served, where the party will take place and who should attend. It's best to have an idea of how much money you want to spend and your timeline so that you can create a budget for yourself before starting!

Obviously, you can just sit and talk, but party games are just too much fun to pass on. The best party games are the ones that get people to interact and have fun. There's no better way to gauge how much you're enjoying a party than by seeing who is laughing the hardest or "getting down."

The Never Have I Ever game is a staple of any great party. It's an easy way for everyone at the party to interact with each other and find out more about their friends' fun side. For example, you might learn that one of your friends has been arrested before or that someone else dated someone just for their money.

It’s meant to be a drinking game; however, if you play with kids, you can play the non-drinking version.

Never Have I Ever

The rules of "Never Have I Ever"

There are many versions of the game but the rules are quite similar:

1) Drinking version

The drinking version is definitely the most popular. You start by asking: “Never have I ever…” and follow with something you've never done before, like “dated more than one person at once” for instance.Everyone, who dated more than one person at once, has to drink.

If only one other player did that thing, he or she is usually asked to tell the story behind that.

Players take turns and ask more and more questions. Usually, there is no winner. The game continues till everyone is drunk and it’s not possible to play anymore.

Check this ultimate list of Never Have I Ever Questions for Adults to get some inspiration on what to ask.

2) 10 fingers version

The rules are basically the same as with the drinking version. The only difference is that drinking is not involved. It’s a great version for kids or adolescent.

Everyone has 10 points at the beginning. It’s named 10 fingers version because you can use fingers to represent these 10 points. After a “Never have I ever” question is said, everyone, who has done that thing, loses one point (finger). Players, who lose all 10 points, are eliminated.

The last standing player is the winner.

3) Candy version

Candy version is an alternative version of the 10 fingers version. Instead of using fingers, every player receives 10 pieces of candy. If someone is about to lose a point, he or she must eat one of the candies.

Players, who eat all of their candies, are eliminated from the game. The last player standing is the winner.

Check this ultimate list of Never Have I Ever Questions for Kids to get some inspiration for whatto ask during the game.

4) True or false version

Version of the game, which is a little different from the other versions.

One player starts and says one "Never have I ever..." questions.

The other people try to guess, if they think the statement is true or false. Everyone, who guessed that right, gets one point.

You need a sheet of paper or smartphone to have a place to register the points.

5) Dirty version

If you are a group of very good friends, you might opt for a dirty version of Never have I Ever game. The rules are the same as regular game. The difference is that players ask spicy and dirty questions.

You can choose these spicy questions from our ultimate list of Dirty Never Have I Ever Questions.

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