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Are You Getting the Love You Deserve?

By Dr. Doris Jeanette

Do you move in with the person who is hurting you? Do you refuse to have lunch with the person who is trying to love you? Are they not good enough for you?

Maybe you are blocking out real love and real energy. Perhaps your heart is not letting the good stuff in. A client of mine just discovered she had spent her whole life pushing away little boys. They fell right off her heart. They were left out in the cold. She didn't even know she was doing this to them.

If you aren't attracting the person you would like to get involved with, ask yourself, "How am I blocking out love?"

You say to me, "The outside world is unloving and insensitive." Yes, sometimes it is. But even when love is coming at you, do you let it in? When I first realized I had been actively rejecting the very love I craved and desired, it was quite a shock. It did not seem to me that I had anything to do with the fact that I did not feel loved. I blamed it on all those unloving people in this world. But lo and behold—pain has a way of waking us up to reality.

My heart was hurt so badly, I knew I didn't want to ever repeat that mistake again, whatever "it" was, and I did not know what "it" was. So I had to find out what was really going on in my relationships.

One of the things I discovered was my wall of defensive energy which was physically keeping love out. Loving energy literally bounced off of my wall and couldn't get in. Just like my client who had always pushed little boys away. This blew my mind. What I thought was true was not true at all. What I found is that the energetic wall around me blocks out everything. I thought that my wall was only blocking out the stuff that was hurting me, but in reality it was also blocking out sweet love and affection.

The truth is that our wall, does not keep us from being hurt. In fact, it does the opposite; it makes sure that we continue to repeat the same hurt over and over again. This energetic wall is full of darker, dense, sticky energy that is guaranteed to keep us repeating what I call the "Original Hurt" over and over again.

So if you don't feel like you are getting enough love, know that you can begin to sense how you are blocking love out. For more about what I discovered and how I resolved my broken heart and heartache visit here: Opening the Heart.

You cannot make anyone love you, but you sure can let the love that is coming your way into your heart and bones. Your job is to accept any precious energy that comes your way. So let energy come in. Don't block love out or give it away. Keep all the love you receive and let it fill you up to the brim!

I am sending a big pink hug to everyone on the planet—from my heart to yours. Happy Valentine's Day!

Doris Jeanette, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist with an alternative, holistic psychology which is effective and safe. Visit here to learn how to open your heart and keep it open for a wonderful journey to freedom and joy: Doris Dr. Jeanette is available as a speaker, consultant or mentor. Contact: email or call 215-732-6197.
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