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Why You Should Use Baby Cots

No one can match a couple's happiness when they know they are pregnant. Excitement and anxiety increase as the delivery of the baby is nearly approaching. Sometimes, first-time parents are unsure what to do for their upcoming baby. 

Generally, infants are sensitive; they require extra care and attention. Additionally, getting enough sleep is crucial for newborns. Whether you're a first-time parent or not, your top priority is to give them adequate security and protection even when they are asleep. 

Due to its numerous benefits, baby beds are commonly used for infants. B2C Furniture's baby cots offer high-quality sleeping beds, which help promote better sleep and safety for your baby. 

What is a Baby Cot?

Baby cots are designed to provide a cozy and safe sleeping environment for newborns, infants, and toddlers. Most baby cots have movable rails, but some have standard, non-adjustable cots. Baby cots are well known for the number of benefits that they can provide for both the parents and the baby. 

Benefits of Baby Cots

Promotes Independent Sleep

Your child will eventually grow out of the infant stage and become a toddler. They need to learn how to care for themselves without your help. The first key to independence is being able to sleep on their own. Building this habit is more complex than it sounds, especially when you start late. A lot of effort and time is required to initiate this routine properly.

One way to train your child to sleep independently is by putting them on baby cots as early as possible. Your child's sense of independence will grow due to consistently sticking with the routine, promoting better sleep. 

Even when your baby wakes up unintentionally at midnight, they will learn how to put themselves back to sleep. If you plan to train your child to become a self-reliant sleeper, baby cots are your best bet! 

Provides Safety

Your baby's sleeping habits may vary depending on your traditions. Some parents use the co-sleeping method, where the infant sleeps in an adult bed with their parents. On the other hand, it is advisable to use a baby cot to decrease the risk of suffocation and strangulation.

Baby cots have a safety compartment with adjustable height and sidebars to safeguard your baby during sleep. In addition, putting your baby in a baby cot rather than a bed may lower the danger of a fall which can sometimes result in head injury. 

Consider purchasing a baby cot with extra security, or you can use this technique to increase your child's safety.

  • Place your child in the baby cot with their back laying in the bed
  • Do not forget to adjust the sidebars according to your baby's needs
  • Ensure that the baby is provided with a standard temperature, not too cold and not too hot

For better assistance, place your baby cots in your bedroom for at least 6 months or until breastfeeding is completed.

Gives you Enough Space

As a parent, it can be overwhelming to take care of your baby 24/7. Sometimes you need space and time for yourself too. Baby cots allow you to have separate space with your child while you take your time to rest or enjoy your partner's company.

In addition, baby cots may help you to sleep comfortably in your bed without having to worry about your baby's safety. 

Personal Fun Area

Baby cots are a fun area as newborns get older daily, and their interest in loud and colorful things increases. Accessories like hanging toys for cribs are necessary to keep your baby entertained. Additionally, it may also help in the development of the baby's motor skills. 


Baby cots are reusable; you can convert them to a bigger bed by adjusting the height. You may also turn it into a toddler bed up to 5 years of age, depending on what types of baby cots you purchase. As a parent, you need to be resourceful and practical to save money and time. 

In addition, you can reuse the baby cots if you are planning to have another child. 

Great Help for Multi-tasking

You can leave your baby alone in the baby cot while you do other tasks, such as working, doing household chores, taking a bath, cooking, and other parent tasks. Baby cots allow your child to sleep safe and sound. Certainly, when it is time to wake up, and you are not around, you can rest assured that your baby won't hurt themselves by crawling inside.

Types of Baby Cots

Regular or Standard Baby Cots

Standard baby cots are the most common and traditional baby cots; they cannot be converted or adjust the height and rails. 

Portable Crib

Due to their roller stand, portable baby cots allow you to move around your house easily. In addition, some portable cribs have special foldable features which help with proper storage.

Convertible Crib

A convertible crib is a practical decision. You can have a toddler's bed by quickly detaching or adjusting its compartment.

Other types of baby cots are the following:

  • 2-in1 baby cots
  • Hardwood baby cots with storage

Why Should You Use Baby Cots?

It is given that using baby cots has tons of advantages. In addition, baby cots are a great help, especially to single parents who need extra help and assistance in caring for their babies. 

Having a baby can get stressful; they require supervision all the time. It can be exhausting doing that continuously. So give yourself a favor and invest in high-quality baby cots to save your day! 

Start Using Baby Cots Today!

Infants can be trained, just like how adults train for work. Remember that you always have a choice to choose what you think is best for your child. A baby cot doesn't have to be expensive, but it has to be good enough to meet your baby's needs. 

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