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What Do Daycares Do?


Nowadays, the modern parent needs to consider proper childcare, especially when both parents have full-time jobs during the day. That's where the need and demand for daycares come in. They provide the necessary means for childcare when you're not able to do so. However, what does childcare look like within a daycare? What do they do? If you're a parent or guardian thinking about daycare, read on to understand better what daycares do.

What are Daycares?

A person or organization supervises and cares for children during the day while a parent or guardian works - that's a daycare. Legitimate daycares are expected to be licensed since they provide childcare for children of varying ages and need to be able to care for a child properly. Usually, daycares will have children up to kindergarten age to as young as an infant. Depending on the daycare, they provide childcare up until noon in some places, or they can be for more than four hours.

What Do Daycares Provide?

There is a lot to do at a daycare - for both the child and the childcare provider! The main duty of a childcare provider is to meet the basic needs of infants, toddlers, and children. However, childcare providers will have specific responsibilities for each age demographic due to their varying ages.

The care for babies and toddlers is rather straightforward since it mainly meets their basic needs and introduces them to concepts such as childcare providers reading and playing with them. For children, childcare providers have to maintain a schedule for them to follow for playing, napping, and meal times.

However, childcare providers have more specific duties for children at daycares by ensuring the following:

  • Keeping them safe
  • Prepare meals and snacks
  • Assist children with hygiene
  • Educate children to prepare them for school
  • Organize activities to help explore interests
  • Monitor for signs of emotional or developmental issues
  • Address any problems to parents
  • Keep progress of what a child does

These are all standard practices in daycares. Depending on the daycare, they may offer more services to advance your child's development further. Yet, those will be more expensive, and the cost of daycare is already fairly high- it's best to see what daycares are affordable for you.

Benefits of Daycares

What are the Benefits of Daycares?

Now that you know what goes on at daycares, the question is whether it's worth leaving your child under their care.

Check out down below how daycares could potentially be a benefit to you:


It's hard for parents to leave their child's care to someone else. However, parents can have peace of mind by leaving their children at daycares. Daycares are legally supposed to be licensed to be able to run and are regularly expected to go through inspections. These inspections ensure safety and licensing rules that help keep your children safe.


Preparing your child for school can be a hard task - especially if you're a working single parent. There is a lot to teach them yet so little time. However, with daycares, they can handle that task for you. The childcare providers are expected to help children develop by teaching anything they need to know before kindergarten. They even let you know of learning issues, so they can find the best ways to help your child to learn just like any other child.


When it comes to a child's development, they need to learn how to socialize with other children. Why is that? Well, when children develop social skills, it better equips them for skills later in life by helping them become more independent and confident. Daycares are filled with many children, which gives your child ample opportunity to learn how to socialize.


To promote children's health and development, ensuring they eat nutritious food and stay active is imperative. At daycares, it's expected for children's meals to be healthy in value where it balances all food groups and gets them used to eating them - to avoid potentially picky eaters in the future! Plus, with the activities organized and playtime among other children, it makes it easy for children to stay active.

As a parent or guardian, all that daycares do can be helpful in various ways that can benefit you and your child in the long run!

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