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How Do I Safely Find Sperm or Egg Donor?

Intended parents who choose surrogacy as their last chance at parenting happiness have different needs. For many, this means they need donated genetic material. Usually when you have problems with your own.

For the specialists of the Feskov Human Reproduction Group, the comfort of the patients is important. Therefore, our surrogacy programs include egg and sperm donation, embryos. Based on many years of experience, we will explain the issues of donation in more detail.

Sperm or Egg Donation

For whom is egg and sperm donation indicated?

Some intended parents may use their germ cells to create an embryo, which will be transferred to their surrogate mother's uterus. However, there are a myriad of reasons why a family may need to include donation in their surrogacy plan.

People for whom sperm donation is recommended:

  • single women without a partner;
  • same-sex female couples;
  • heterosexual families in which the partner does not have quality sperm;
  • intended fathers with a hereditary genetic problem (genetic screening of an embryo using the PGD method successfully copes with this).

People with indications for oocyte donation:

  • single men without a partner;
  • homosexual couples;
  • heterosexual families, when the woman doesn't have high-quality eggs;
  • intended mothers with a hereditary genetic problem (genetic screening of the embryo using the PGD method successfully copes with this).

The choice of the use of donated genetic material is determined by the future parents personally and depends on the individual characteristics of the couple.

A professional consultant of our Center will help to identify needs and deal with donor options, a variety of services, and the cost of services. 

Sperm or Egg Donation

Egg donor search options

The first step in your search is to decide where to look. 


  1. Internal programs of egg donation, which are available in major reproductive clinics.
  2. Recommendations of the surrogacy agency regarding donor programs and clinics with which they cooperate.
  3. Personal choice of a person willing to donate their genetic material to the intended parents. This could be a sister, relative, close friend of a couple.
  4. Online – search on the Internet. However, it is important to carefully choose a candidate, taking into account various factors, the main of which is the medical examination passed.
  5. Consideration of the possibility of using frozen oocytes. This simplifies the IVF procedure, because the donor cycle does not need to be synchronized with the surrogate mother cycle.

When selecting an ideal egg donor, you can take into account the following characteristics:

  • age;
  • height;
  • weight;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • nationality;
  • family history;
  • interests;
  • education, etc.

It is very important for making an informed decision, the opportunity to personally communicate with the person who donated the material. Feskov Human Reproduction Group provides this service to its patients.

Sperm or Egg Donation

Where can I find a sperm donor? 

Although intended parents may choose fresh or frozen egg programs, all donated sperm must be frozen. This is done to ensure safety and quality. The cryopreservation process allows the material to be tested within six months, since some diseases manifest themselves precisely after such a period of time.

How you can find a sperm donor:

  1. In sperm banks.
  2. In reliable reproductive health clinics, which is the Feskov Human Reproduction Group.

The profiles of candidates contain all the important information about the person, with photos. Donors can collaborate on condition of anonymity or transparency. That is, to leave or not to leave their data for communication. In our Center, we provide remote communication with the selected man, only if all confidentiality requirements are met.

Why is it so important to be careful when choosing a donor? Because half of the genetics of a future child will be the characteristics of this particular person.

We guarantee the verification and good health of all men and women who are ready to donate their genetic material to other people. And personal communication will allow you to make a truly adequate choice.

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