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5 Quick Tips on How to Keep Safe
Over the Holidays

By Amy Scholl

A parent’s job is never quite done

You have been preparing all year for your family and as a parent no one deserves a break more. You’d think that the holiday season would allow you to kick up your heels and live a little right? Wrong. Things are about to get a little more interesting with all sorts of tasks from finding budget friendly Christmas gifts to figuring out the right decorations.

One of the most important of these tasks is ensuring that your entire family is safe during the season. There are all sorts of dangers out there and you can never really be prepared enough. Here are 5 key points of concern you need to focus on.

How to cover all your safety bases this holiday:

  1. Pick your gifts in advance and prepare your kid
    Picking the right gift for your kids for Christmas is definitely a challenge. Whether it is a tech-savvy christmas gift or a sentimental DIY gift you will definitely have to put some serious thought into it.

    With tech gifts in particular, you should be prepared for all the dangers that come with allowing your child access to the internet. It is therefore important that both you and your child are prepared for the upcoming change.

  2. Choose a trusted website for all your shopping
    A lot of parents opt for online shopping over the holidays and with the convenience offered it is not so hard to see why. However, there are many shady options out there that will just end up frustrating you. In order to avoid the stress of delaid shipment, faulty goods and more online shopping nightmares, it is best to settle for holiday shopping trusted websites. That way whether you are shopping for a gift or for decorations you will not be disappointed.
  3. Look out for holiday scams
    Unfortunately, not everyone is up to good during the holidays. There are both offline and online scams out there, especially during Christmas season. The best way to protect yourself here is to not only be vigilant but also learn about what holiday online scams are and how to avoid them.
  4. Invest in home security while you are away
    The holiday season often comes with fun family trips away from home. It could be anything from an exotic trip abroad to an upstate visit to granny’s. Whatever the case, your home will most likely be left unattended. If there is one thing that we have learnt from iconic Christmas movies like Home Alone is that this makes our houses magnets for burglars. To be on the safe side, make sure to invest in good home security. It could be alarm systems, surveillance or even a house sitter.
  5. Don’t forget about your furry buddies
    Finally, you are responsible not only for your family and property but also for your pets during the festive season. It doesn’t matter if you are travelling with the cat or you plan on leaving your pup with a sitter. Make sure that your pet’s safety as much priority as any other member of the family.

Bottom line

With these tips, you should be able to have good and safe fun with your family no matter what activities you choose to participate in. In a nutshell, be careful when shopping, protect your home and prioritize your pets. That way you will get to enjoy your holiday knowing that you did your job well.

About the Author:
Amy Scholl is Youth Technology Safety Specialist at KidGuard, dedicated to finding the best child safety measures for parents, grounded in research. Being knowledgeable about youth online usage is a key component of effective 21st-century parenting.
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