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Healing with Aura-Soma

By Ayal Hurst

There is no easy explanation for the process of Aura-Soma. Aura-Soma is an extremely high level healing therapy utilizing a combination of the healing properties of color, scent, and vibrational healing. The trinity of color, plant, and mineral energies holds the magic. In her book "The Miracle of color Healing," Vicky Wall explains that the first bottles were birthed out of deep meditation. She was "told to part the waters." Aura-Soma products are called "living essences", and they work directly and specifically with the person using them, attuning themselves to the individual. It is an ancient system of healing remembered. Aura-Soma is a system of knowledge, an oracle aligned to universal wisdom based on Divine knowledge found in astrology, archetypal energy patterns, numerology, sacred geometry, (atomic structural patterns to existence) and others.

This universal code of color assists in revealing the deeper experience of the self. The qualities or aspects of God are often defined as "rays", colors found in the light spectrum, or vibrational states of being, such as are defined in the Hindu chakra system. These vibrational rays are found singly in the pomanders and quintessences, and are combined in various Aura-Soma essential oil bottles to offer a specific healing for specific personality disorders. The color wavelengths that are found in the three kingdoms mentioned above, color, plant, and mineral essences, vibrationally allow for energetic support, fine tuning the body's awareness and the mind's clarity.

Vicky felt that at some point it was helpful for the individual to personalize the color ray, to use color vibrational energy for personal healing by integrating that energy into one's being. With this intent she meditated on each ray and was able to name the Quintessences. The Quintessences are a color energy tool you can use to explore the extraordinary journey of energy from formlessness into form and experience color as consciousness.

The Quintessences allow us to invoke the qualities of each color ray into our whole being. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual processes are dynamic and living and take place in an open, fluid system. This life experience is described in wonderful detail in the book "Molecules of Emotion" by Dr. Candace B. Pert. Dr. Pert explains how this works using the metaphor of information. We can apply this understanding to the energy of consciousness and application of the Aura-Soma Quintessences. All are forms of dynamic, living energy, and applying a Quintessence is offering new information to the conversation of the mind-body network, with the heart being the central and key point of transformation.

Using the Quintessences, we have a color energy tool that promotes a new internal dialogue and supports one's process of transforming consciousness. New information creates a new experience. The unique aspect and experience of each individual and each use of a Quintessence is a result of you being the final alchemist in the Aura-Soma products. The product is complete when you blend your energies with the energies of the Quintessences. At that moment, you are creating your unique experience and opening yourself to new possibilities. This explains how the Quintessences can be new each time we embrace them.

Aura-Soma products work with aligning one's being with higher vibrational states. For each mental, emotional, or spiritual distortion, there is an answering wavelength or vibrational pattern that realigns one's being with Universal Truth and supports one to solve problems.

The Quintessences include:

  • The highest quality essential oils and herbal extracts, some of which are harvested and then processed using CO2 extraction, from Aura-Soma's fields in the village of Tetford, England.
  • Gem and crystal energies transferred from an original source by the use of human voice, expressing the rhythm of the universe. Then gold and pyramidal energies are blended to stabilize and harmonize the process.
  • The purest water possible. Energies are also used from the waters from the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England.
  • The finest carrier oils of plant or vegetable origin.
  • The most fragrant essential oils that bio-dynamic and organic methods can achieve.

To order Aura-Soma products contact Aura-Soma LA or this email address.

Blessings, Ayal

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