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Sunetra Basu
Sunetra Basu is an awakened Angel Healer/Teacher, a Reiki Master Teacher, a Numerologist, and the founder teacher of Abundance Healing with the Primal Wave. She has been a spiritual healing channel since 2000. Sunetra is a passionate writer - author of White Light Meditation - and an ardent seeker of Truth. Her book and articles are hosted on Trans4mind India.
Articles by Sunetra Basu
  • The Most Powerful Vibration ~ by Sunetra Basu
    LOVE transcends barriers and boundaries of ignorance and knowledge, fate and destiny, pure and impure karma, material and subtle, higher and lower consciousness and God!
  • Blue for Ultimate Bliss ~ by Sunetra Basu
    In the midst of all the problems the world faces today, imagine what could happen if we suddenly came to know of the very Source of Bliss and how to utilize it!!
  • Out of the Ditch ...and Into 'Light' ~ by Sunetra Basu
    Give yourself the secure helping hand you have been long waiting for! Stop pushing yourself into the ditch over and over again.
  • The Secret Way Back Home ~ by Sunetra Basu
    I know it through experience that... staying connected with God is all that matters. That's what the hue and cry, tear and fight is all about.
  • Self-Purification ~ by Sunetra Basu
    Thought is THE greatest power of the human race!! With thoughts we co-create heaven on earth! With thoughts we co-create hellish suffering and pain! Thoughts pollute! And thoughts purify!
  • Anger Issues ~ by Sunetra Basu
    Modern day civilization demands a fast lifestyle. In keeping with its increasing needs, many of us ignore the very basics of healthy, happy and harmonious life. One of the most common evils of our times is anger, often mistaken by us as our nature, leaving us helpless.
  • You Set The Trend ~ by Sunetra Basu
    For those sad, painful, hurting, negative thoughts that somehow make their way through the mind, we must fortify them with faith and reshape them into positive/divine/love energy.
  • Allow ~ by Sunetra Basu
    This poem, as a loving message, goes out to all those of us who feel stressed, burdened and weathered due to overexertion and rough patches in life
  • The Silver Chord ~ by Sunetra Basu
    Remembering God is something most of us still do... and that is the saving grace... the one strain of our lost memory of Self Identity and of Source.
  • Surrender - When and Why? ~ by Sunetra Basu
    Faith can move mountains, and surrender is the way to completely experience and express that faith. Who we worship and how are not that important, as long as the worshipped represent and invoke within us divine energy and universal love.
  • Selfless Service - What's That? ~ by Sunetra Basu
    Do I do it for me, or for them? Would I have continued to do so even if it did not bring me that sigh and self-awe! It is a known fact that ‘selfless service’ is the best way to reach God.
  • You Can Change Your Destiny! ~ by Sunetra Basu
    Once you turn your attention inwards, your soul takes no time to help you recall your innate qualities, and after that, learning to lose everything else becomes spontaneous.
  • Parenting And Spiritual Guidance ~ by Sunetra Basu
    Every child is an evolving soul at the very core of its existence, and its association with the parent is actually the means for the fulfillment of its life’s mission.
  • Conquering Your Enemy ~ by Sunetra Basu
    When energy finds way as love, the world manifests in all its splendor, but when this energy reverses its course, we witness destruction, misery and even extinction of life within and without.
  • Dependence - Good or Bad? ~ by Sunetra Basu
    We are in a complex mesh of energies, the innumerable cords can never be ‘cut off’. There is no dependence anywhere among any two's pure give and take, an exchange of material or subtle energies.

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