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Lose Weight
Stop Smoking
Be Relaxed
Draw Love
Draw Prosperity
Dreams Come True

Magic Story


How would you like to be empowered
by an inner guiding force - so you can

"Tomorrow..." We swear that tomorrow we'll never stuff ourselves again with lasagna, or beef stroganoff, or pepperoni pizza, or cheese cake. And just to make sure it works this time, like a drill sergeant, we say to ourselves: "Starting tomorrow: I'll exercise, exercise, and whip this body right into shape!"

Then soon afterwards, you might have some unpleasant experience - maybe you're feeling stressed or angry, or simply lonely, insecure or bored. And you begin to crave some soothing reward...

"Food? Of course not! No way," you say. "Well... just a little chocolate fudge ice cream won't hurt... just a little more... Oh God, I might just as well finish the whole carton! Who am I kidding? I'm a failure, a pathetic failure, I'm out of control! I'm fat. I'll always be fat!"

Is there any way to alleviate these cravings, these feelings of helplessness, frustration, and self-disappointment? And the resentment of having to deprive yourself of what you enjoy in order to keep in shape?

Yes, there is. The LOSE WEIGHT & STAY IN SHAPE program liberates inside you your magical Life Force - enlightening you with a truer, more authentic perception of yourself, in your best shape: thinner, firmer, healthier. Living with more energy, free to enjoy life - and food - more than ever before!

For now you're naturally attracted to foods that are good for you, eating enough to satisfy your body's genuine needs, and these healthy foods are more satisfying than ever before.

And on the very occasions you once felt low, and looked to food for comfort, you now sense inside a magical force naturally renewing and soothing you - leading you to more appealing and satisfying means to provide those comforting, rewarding feelings and leading you to experience more enjoyment in physical activity!

Imagine the pleasure of eating light, nutritious meals - and throughout your day, not even thinking about sweet or fattening foods. The pleasure of no longer having to feel you are denying yourself anything!

By replacing the emotional satisfaction food once seemed to provide, now in you own time, you can safely and sensibly reduce your weight and stay in your best shape!

     'Your tapes are the best! I'm continually amazed at how easy food management has become. I struggled my entire life with being overweight. I tried all the usual pasty powdered shakes, weight loss centers, and fad diets with little or no success.
     I never would have believed that by simply listening to a recording that I would finally get the control that I had been desperately 'craving' my entire life. After 2 months, I lost 10 pounds without struggling about food issues at all. I now just eat when I'm hungry, and naturally stop when I'm full, even when it's food I really like and would have overeaten before. I thank you for the change. I now look at food as a means toward health rather than toward self-satisfaction. I never feel I'm sacrificing.
     I also recently started a daily exercise routine that is easier than I imagined. I feel more alive, vibrant and energetic than I have for a very long time. My doctor asked me how I lost my weight and now she recommends your program to her patients'.
B.R. - Morton, Pennsylvania

     'I was a typical yo-yo dieter, constantly battling the bulge. I went on every crazy weight loss plan, spent a fortune on tasteless prepackaged food, went to support groups, and starved on protein shakes. The result was always the same. I would lose weight, then quickly gain it back and more.
     Experiencing your Lose Weight program has been priceless for me I finally feel in control. My eating habits have really changed and I hardly knew it was happening. You don't count calories or weigh food; you just relax and let your mind take back control.
     I've always had an insatiable desire for sweets. Recently in the office where I work, cakes and cookies were being served, but I didn't touch it Such a strange thing for me because in the past I would have served myself all day long And I didn't feel deprived at all. I still find it hard to believe this is happening to me, but it is.
     I believe every pound I have lost (about 23) will never again be found. I'm healthier and happier today, and I owe it all to your program.'
S.D. - Victoria, Australia

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Magical Wizard Programs:

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  2. Lose Weight & Stay in Shape (18 mins 32)
  3. Stop Smoking (16 mins 36)
  4. Be Relaxed (17.12)
  5. Draw Love (14 mins 01)
  6. Super Learning (17 mins 10)
  7. Draw Prosperity (14 mins 52)
  8. Dreams Come True (16 mins 14)

If you have a dream that you know is you, but hasn't yet come true, let us show you the way - the way of the wizard...

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