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A Life-Transforming Journey to Your Dreams!!
Enjoy your free, complete audio program #4 - BE RELAXED!!

Magical Wizard Programs - personal growth audio programs by Robert Siegel for download, using powerful Ericksonian NLP techniques for rapid effortless transformation -- in self confidence and relaxation, stopping smoking and losing weight, super-learning, and creating a life of love and prosperity.

The shining stars... often-symbolizing life's deepest dreams - maybe some of your dreams, too long left ungratified.

There awaits you a potently revitalizing force, ready to do your bidding, to bring you a life of confident self-fulfillment. For you magnetize into your life what you believe most deeply. For you are, indeed, a Magical Wizard!

Each Magical Wizard Program combines the pioneering, deeper learning strategies of Dr. Milton Erickson and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming with the ancient wisdom of many religious, philosophical and mystical traditions - and has been intricately conceived to liberate the positive, life-transforming energy of your deeper mind!

You will be pleasantly surprised how effortless this process is - because you consciously don't have to do anything except turn on your Magical Wizard Program and sit or lie back comfortably, allowing yourself to be guided within your inner mind adventure.

Naturally, the magical power of your unconscious mind is now conjuring forth and releasing freely all your imaginative and creative faculties. And your confident energy - like a potent force field - draws to you the very people and opportunities you need to make your dreams come true!

Magical Wizard Programs consists of 8 audio soundtracks for download, that apply NLP wisdom and Ericksonian persuasion to coax your unconscious mind to release its dynamic power in these important areas of your life...

1. BE CONFIDENT - Be fortified with tremendous resources of confident energy. Sense your new positive expectancy - the exhilarating, liberating feeling that you can create the life you always dreamed!

2. LOSE WEIGHT & STAY IN SHAPE - Liberate your natural motivation to eat the right foods when really hungry - and be guided toward a thinner, firmer, healthier and more gratifying life!

3. STOP SMOKING - Release your natural, compelling desire to breathe freely, and live with more energy and vitality! Sense a potent relaxing force guiding you to breathe fresh, clean air!

4. BE RELAXED - Enjoy a more enlightened life-perception! Once stressful times now perceived as opportunities to keep your composure... your body naturally responding with that wonderful feeling of relaxation!

5. DRAW LOVE INTO YOUR LIFE - Enjoy the self-assured freedom to express what's uniquely beautiful about you! Sense your renewed confidence naturally attracting more romance into your life!

6. BE A MASTER MIND - SUPER LEARNER - Recapture the excitement of the learning adventure and finally realize your infinite learning potential! Expand your memory and creative capabilities!

7. DRAW PROSPERITY INTO YOUR LIFE - Finally actualize your life's true potential - that aspiration that makes you feel most alive!! Powerfully draw more prosperity into your more enriching life!

8. MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE - Be fortified with renewed resolution and release your resourcefulness to surmount any life challenge. Sense your strong, positive conviction: You can achieve your dreams!

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Magical Wizard Programs

All 8 programs are yours for just US$36.00 supplied in high quality compressed format ideal for download and playing in iTunes or on your iPod. You can download in either AAC or MP3 audio format. Of course, first you'll want to know first-hand what these programs are like...

Listen to program #4 - BE RELAXED right here and now:

Note: our paid downloads are in top-quality MP3 an AAC high bit-rate formats that require a broadband Internet connection to download in reasonable time.

Magical Wizard Programs:

  1. Be Confident (16 mins 50)
  2. Lose Weight & Stay in Shape (18 mins 32)
  3. Stop Smoking (16 mins 36)
  4. Be Relaxed (17 mins 12)
  5. Draw Love (14 mins 01)
  6. Super Learning (17 mins 10)
  7. Draw Prosperity (14 mins 52)
  8. Dreams Come True (16 mins 14)

If you have a dream that you know is you, but hasn't yet come true, let us show you the way - the way of the wizard...

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"These are great programs, I'm really happy with this purchase. Some of the hypnosis downloads available on the Internet are very low quality but the Magical Wizard series is very satisfyingly well done, by someone who really seems to understand how to use Ericksonian style hypnosis."–Angela

"I've been listening to the Magical Wizard hypnotic CDs for almost a year now, and have embarked on the Holosync program. Just about ready for the next level. It's amazing the changes I've been going through as a result!"—Connie


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