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Why Do Personal Development?

By Peter Shepherd, founder of

Does this sound familiar?
"I'm tired, worried, lazy, feeling down, disinterested, lack confidence, put everything off till later, arrogant, hate others, detest intimacy, sure to fail, unforgiving, jealous, angry, have bad habits, upset, uncreative, have no purpose, unfulfilled, resentful, given up, not good enough, fed up, bored, uninspired, conformist, take everything for granted, reactive, regretful, envious, stuck, people-pleasing, manipulated, dominated, selfish, uncomprehending, unstable, irresponsible, closed-minded, cruel, weak, propitiative, ...and the list goes on and on... BUT there's nothing I can do about it - that's how I am - take it or leave it!"
So many people in our society do not realize that they can change, that they can take their lives in hand and learn new life skills, to develop personally. The way we think determines what we do and what we end up getting in life. We can change our minds, we can learn. We can take responsibility. And it makes all the difference.
And even if things are OK, life is pretty good... that doesn't mean we're living a life of high integrity, true to our life purpose, reaching our full potential, making a significant difference to the world around us, and being aware of our inner truth and spiritual connection. These things are available for all of us, however, on the path of transformation that personal development enables.
Personal Development, then, is about transforming your life... awakening the self within who ‘just knows’… who responds to all with empathy and compassion… who experiences greater inner peace… and who is motivated primarily by unbounded thinking and loving service.
A person engaged in personal development is endeavoring to learn how they can live a happier and more fulfilling life, through exercising free choice, seeing objective truth, being in touch with their inner knowing and authentic values, and realizing the highest degree of purpose.
However, all too often our personal development has already ended by the time we reach adulthood. We've 'grown up' and know enough to hold down a job. If we are fortunate we find our niche and as much as possible solve the problems of survival, then we stick with those solutions. But our upbringing hasn't taught us most of what we need to know in order to make the most of our potential, to have truly fulfilling careers and relationships.
We've learned to play a role but our emotions may scare and mystify us. We may not have learned to express our needs nor to listen generously to others. We may have lost touch with the intuitive and creative faculties that we knew as children and now try to work things out analytically, hampered by the false information indoctrinated into us.
We cling to a set of beliefs and our minds become less and less open. We may not even like ourselves much, far short of recognizing the power and loving nature of our inner, spiritual selves. Our personal development has only begun; surely it should not stop there?
A natural trait of humans is to be constantly developing, growing and moving toward a balanced and mature way of being. Our present personality is determined by both who and what we have been and by the person we strive to become. The goal of personal development is to learn and apply that which enables us to attain emotional wellbeing, understanding and effectiveness, and mindful awareness, and to share this knowledge with others.
Personal development is the conscious evolution of human nature, and yet throughout history it has been sorely lacking! Although it is in our nature to learn and grow, we are held back by our culture, which is predominantly focused on survival needs, each of us in competition with others, and our spiritual inner nature is repressed. The animal in us rules. We make no room for unconditional love.
Even though the culture may have evolved with technological advancement and administrative complexity, human nature has not moved forward as it might. Our consciousness and mindfulness remain as always. We are now paying the price for Mankind's selfishness and inconsideration. Going forward, the quality of our lives on this planet - even our survival - now depends on each of us taking responsibility for our personal growth.
The human being needs to awaken to the soul that inhabits each body and is our true self and source of inner knowing. Awaken through a process of self-discovery, leading to one's own, self-directed spirituality. We need to become mindfully conscious instead of ruled by the dictates of instincts, past habits and fixed beliefs. We need to throw away dogma, open our minds and reconsider. Instead of fear about our survival and competitive angst, we will then be motivated by compassionate understanding and creative love.
For those that do move forward, the next epoch that is upon us now - will be a celebration of human cooperation and shared love. It's our best hope for the future - and it's in our hands.
You create your world from the inside out... By becoming more conscious of what you think and feel, you can develop yourself personally - heal yourself, become more successful, improve your relationships and answer life's big questions.
A good first step is the free online 30-lesson Positive Approach Course. Become more clear about your own identity, what you want in life - your life vision - and how to consciously transform your life for the better.
If you are interested in the spiritual path, the Love is All You Need page is for you. It contains a wonderful selection of methods and meditations that are really quite transformative.
Plus Your Inner Truth, a phenomenal range of journaling tools to help you find the truth of your situation. You may feel stressed, or confused, there may be a lot going on and choices to make that seem a bit overwhelming. Or you may simply need time with yourself, to decide what is it you really want... and just who are you, really?

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